Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jen Lilley talks Maxie, Spinelli & Bradford

Soaps.com: Did anyone in particular show you around or take you under their wing?

Jen: Yeah. Bradford Anderson [Spinelli] was such a little champion of my heart. I mean, I love him and once I met Kelly Sullivan [Kate], she also took me under her wing and kind of sat me down, she and Bradford actually both sat me down and were like, "Okay. We just want to prepare you for how it's going to be with the fans at first." And Bradford said, you know, he's been working on this show for however many years, and he's so good. People that are not a Bradford fan, I can't understand that. At least from an acting perspective. I think he is crazy talented. He said he's been on the show for however many years and people still send him hate comments. He's like, "So, you're not alone. We all get it and it's going to be really bad for like a month." I was like, "Okay." So when the comments would come in I'd go to set and be like, "Here's the comment that I got." So, we would trade awful comments that we got that day. They both really took me under their wing and I appreciated it immensely.

Soaps.com: Based on your experience playing her, should Maxie be with Matt [Jason Cook] or Spinelli?

Jen: I think Maxie should ultimately be with Spinelli. Personally, as Jen Lilley, I love me some Dr. Hunter. I keep telling the fans, I'm like, "I want to come back as a brunette and steal Dr. Hunter away from Liz [Rebecca Herbst] and Maxie." Because I love Jason Cook. And I love Bradford too, but I feel Jason and I have really good chemistry as actors. I think Maxie's penguin is Spinelli. They're life partners whether they like it or not, is what I ultimately think.

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