Saturday, April 28, 2012

Um GH that wasn't a SHOCKER or a CLIFFHANGER!

I keep reading on twitter & facebook that the ending of Friday April 27 episode was a real shocker. Um seriously? Did everyone forget that Maxie suspected Matt months ago? Did everyone forget that both Maxie & Matt did not give all article of clothings to police (therefore they suspected eachother). And um hello what about Maxie asking Anthony for help because she was trying to protect Matt. Did people seriously forget all this? I do not see how Maxie telling Spinelli on Friday that she knows Matt is guilty as a shocking moment. We have known for months.

Can I just say how awesome the writing for Spinelli has been lately? I am really hoping he gets a storyline about him ASAP, but for now I will gladly accept that the writing for his character (and the show has very much improved) I LOVE that he has had more scenes with Elizabeth lately (I'd totally be down for some Spiz lovin)

I love Anna, Heather & now Felica are back. It was great to see Noah for 2.5 seconds. Its always nice to see any of the Q's on screen. Super stoked Nancy & John York are working more. Very long over due, but better late then never. Hey GH, how bout a Bobbie appearance please. I'm loving Johnny & Carly. Connie blows Kate out of the water.  Jen is doing a fanfreakingtastic job with her storyline. Always nice to see Olivia & Steve on screen more too.

Worst storyline on GH right now is JaSam. Bet some are surprised anything Dante wasn't mentioned for worst (still have no use for the character & still don't like the character and still want Lulu away from him, but he isn't shoved down my throat daily anymore, so he isn't on worst storyline right now.) JaSam story however is horrible. I am so sick of hearing them utter the name Franco. Franco. Franco. Franco. Its like we need a drinking game for it, and we'd all be drunk before the new super short opening credits end. I still don't believe she was raped, therefore I don't believe the kid is his or that he is Jason's brother. Heather is a liar and well he just likes to mess with their heads. So lets just drop this stupid story already and move on. You know what is wonderful to see though? McBam! Thats right my Kelly Monaco & Michael Easton working together = my heart is SUPER happy. McBam!

And this Ronnie as the one whacking the strippers. Um thats a NON-shocker too. We all knew Ronnie was shady from the get-go. I suspected him months ago. He's too quick to pin everything on someone else.

We still need more Elizabeth & more Spinelli. Together. Seperate. I don't care. And I'm not joking about wanting Spiz lovin. Now that Kristina is going to be 'older' maybe Spinelli can try a brunette. Sonny would hate it. He wouldn't approve of his daughter dating Spinelli. Sam however would be supportive. Molly would be jealous and Alexis who knows. I mean she did smoke pot with Spinelli before, so...

2012 is turning out to be a good GH year, especially since we know it was saved.

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