Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Help East Coast!

Bradford, Kirsten & Brandon are auctioning off skype chats to benefit those affected by Sandy. To bid on one of the chats please visit this link

Happy Bidding!

If you are looking for OTHER ways to help out the East Coast, Steve Burton tweeted this earlier today. Scott Reeves and his son Larry packed up their truck with supplies and were driving from Nashville to the New York area to help! But here is what Steve tweeted earlier

Good Morning, as you know, there are many victims of Sandy and tremendous devastation. A lot of people are still without and will be for months too come. My prayers have been and still are with them. My good friend Linda Rohe @coastalent1 and her neighborhood in East Atlantic Beach, Ny is suffering. I'm not there so I...don't know the reality of the struggles, only what Linda has told me. If she says it's bad, I know it's worse. Linda has continued to work and has been driving out there to help. I want to help. I want to be there, but due to my schedule I cannot be. @reevesforreal and his son are on their way with a truck to deliver goods to our friends there. @reevesfroreal and @coastalent1 will be making deliveries for days to come. A lot of you who know @coastalent1 have already reached out and I appreciate that. And a lot of you have been asking? So here's the plan. Now that we have @reevesforreal on the ground there, since there were no rentals cars in NYC, he is driving there today from Nashville. So, how can we help? Gift Cards. I'll be sending gift cards from Costco and Target. We have determined that this is the best way to get them what they need. So if you would like to help, please send a gift card from one of these places. Costco or Target. Linda will not only buy supplies but also give out the cards to those who are in great need. Every little bit helps. Please send gift card, if you can, to: Coastal Entertainment 32-31-35 Street , Astoria, Ny 11106 Thank you in advance and God Bless

Linda Rohe
Coastal Entertainment
32-31 35th Street
Astoria, NY 11106

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