Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The complexities of being a character fan first in a couple fan world

I am a Spinelli fan first. What that means is through every potential storyline and paring I support and enjoy Spinelli first. An example being I could easily throw Maxie under a bus if she burns my Spinelli. I am watching you bad blonde one.

Well Spinelli has found himself into a major couple fanbase. This scares me. As a supporter of a character I want no door closed. If it Spixie or nothing I don't think i could watch. I have to believe there is hope for Spam and Spliz. I need to respect this friendship with Winnie no matter how much it pains me.

I remember the days when we wished Lulu would just give Spin a date and take him seriously.

I love Spixie and I am still hopeful we will get there but i refuse to not enjoy my Spin during the journey.


Lindsay_007 said...

Gotta disagree, P...And I refuse to force myself to like something just because Spinelli is involved. Sometimes crap is just crap. I am an Awesome Stuff Fan First.

Penny said...

I don't force my self to like something.. :) I just have faith I am sure I will be wishing death on Winnie soon. It took me 6 months before a I wished death on Matt.. (not counting the moose video LOL)

Penny said...

Oh it was all to explain how It feels as my growing dissatisfaction of Maxie grows. I feel closer to my roots as a Spin fan. I made it through May 2007 I can make it through anything (that was the month Baby Jake was born and Spin got all baby obsessed)

Oh and i suck at expressing all this because darn I suck as a writer and i wish it was possible to edit comments.

Jess said...

I love Bradford more than anything. I know from experience not to get too invested in a Soap Opera character. So I'm a Spinelli fan and I will love whatever he does and whoever he's with.

Penny said...

see i think thats the thing I am a Bradford FF LOL if he left and Spinelli was still on I don't think I could even watch LOL

Gary said...

I agree with Penny and Jess. More then anything I'm a Bradford fan. Personally I feel he could have made Spinelli work with Lulu, Georgie, Nadine and even Leyla. Maxie is just the best combination with Spinelli that's been tried.

The biggest fear for a Spixie fan is not some other guy on the show getting Maxie away from Spin. It's Bradford's ability to hit it out of the park with them all. So putting him with Senta could be dangerous. He's just very very good.

I agree with Lindsay that Winifred as a Spinelli clone is no good. But to me I think their scenes are getting better together and that part of her personality might be toning down a bit.

We'll see how it all comes together. Spixie all the way. But the key is to never overreact to one or two days. Characters can be turned around very quickly.

spikey said...

Yeah, that's where I'm at. (I can't deal with the cloning of Spin right now, though) Still, I'm all for Spinelli and where HE leads me.