Friday, February 13, 2009

Help US reach our goal...

The clock is ticking away you have till just February 27 2009 to make your donation to the Battle of Soap Super couples for Broadway Cares.

Team Spixie has reached 67% of its original goal already. Lets show Bradford and Spixie our support.

there is two ways to donate..
donate to the main team page at

or make the donation of the blog's donation page (it will go into the main teams totals)

Minimum donation is just $5.00. Don't have coffee for a day. Put one less thing in your cart. Yes its hard economic times but its hard for worth while nonprofits like this too. Think Just 5 dollars . If you still can't donate or already have spread the word.

I have made three donations for this campaign totaling $40 dollars. the last being for just 10 dollars a few minutes go.

Come on you know you want to.

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Jenna said...

YAY for Team Spixie and Broadway Cares!