Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FYI: Maxie is in the Dog House

NO one NO one does what Maxie did yesterday to My Damian Spinelli with out my wrath.

She told him she loved him. BEGGED him to stay (at his own peril) then she decided to play what ever "game" she planned in that limo. Seriously I am grossed out. This is what the writers have done to Maxie after a year of growth. Seriously?

I don't know what I think of Spixie right now. Spam* is looking tastier and tastier as I think about it. *if you don't now what Spam is its Spinelli with a side of Sam.


VanessaK said...

I can even explain my fury. I'm almost rooting for Winnifreaky stalker now. Someone better give that girl a nice talking to, and it better be Spinelli. I wanna see Spinelli from after 2nd sex come out again and give her whats she deserves. Then he can leave the country to save his own ass!

spikey said...

As a Bradford fan first, I just want my fave to have great stories.

As a Spin fan first, WTF was that yesterday? There was no motivation or reason for this.

I know this is a soap, but you expect it to make some kind of sense, especially from one day to the next.

Gary said...

I believe this is what happened yesterday. If you noticed Kirsten had the different HairStyle on yesterday's show and Bradford had a new haircut. Which tells me there was at least a few day time frame between what we saw on Friday and Mondays shows, to what we saw yesterday. I'm guessing the haircut Bradford got was for his recent fan events. The one's which Kirsten backed out of to shoot her pilot. I'm sure she did her hair that way for the pilot too. So both of them were probably away from the set for a few days. Which probably gave Phelps and Frons time to think about doing the JoMax kiss. Those sickos decided to do what they always do. Play fan base tag. They didn't even let us Spixie fans enjoy it for a day. No way was that Guza's idea. Phelps is the executive producer and Frons is in a way both their bosses. One of those 2 is the person who likes GH couples to never be permanently happy. Guza doesn't format the show. He just writes with the help of others to the format that either Phelps or Frons wants. I really believe it's Jill Farren-Phelps. Frons sticks his nose in the affairs of AMC and OLTL too. But their not written like GH. Port Chuck is Jill's show. I'd start writing her with my complaints.

Lindsay_007 said...

gary, that's interesting.

Gary said...

I had to use that for my yahoo group. It's hilarious.


The blog is linked there too. You ladies ROCK!!!!!!

Canada_Michael said...

Hi Gary,

What is the Pilot Kirsten is doing about?