Friday, March 20, 2009

Man Of Action

The storyline is ridiculous. How completely stupid was if for Spinelli to sneak into the FBI office while a wanted man. They gave Bradford lemons and he turned it into lemonade. I laughed at the Spinelli scenes Wednesday & Thursday. This is the reason I LOVE Spinelli

I just watched both days back to back and honestly it was classic Spin. Spin is a guy with magic powers. Magic hacking powers. He can't stop using them just like he can't stop breathing. He wants respect. This issue always being that no one understands just how good he is. (well expect for Winifred who can't act like a professional to save her life)

I hope for the Jackal to be free SOON!
Note: 3 days of Maxie being in the dog house
screen caps from LaurieluvsLiason

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Lindsay_007 said...

...i'm going to start wearing a black ribbon for everyday i don't watch General Hospital.

I can't watch this.