Friday, April 10, 2009

The Birth of Spammy PI

Yesterday Jackal & McCall PI or McCall & Jackal PI was officially born. Sam informed Jason that her license request was denied. (ok help me here doesn't Spinelli have a PI license?)

Spinelli informed them that Bernie (the Bernificent One) actually holds a PI license.

Please.. pretty please..
Bernie fights the idea...He is afraid of the Jackal record of breaking the law (did anyone else find this funny)

we are cute kids help us out.
Jason eases his concerns and Spammy PI is open.

Thank you and lets dance.
In Spixie front.. Spinelli shares the great news about the PI business with Maxie who seems to not really care. (I guess the correct word would be distracted) Then she starts babbling about getting back at Lulu and Spinelli realizes that the bad blonde one is coming out to play.

Maxie sometimes you make no sense..
He gets concerned about her being destructive and regretting what she may do.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Maxie totally blew off Spinelli's question regarding what LuLu had done to make her mad, because she knows deep down what she's doing is messed up and there is no logical reason behind it. Did I miss something this is the same person who not too long ago told Spinelli she loves him, and that anything else is meaningless without him? She hasn't even spent a few minutes with him since the charges against him were dropped. The writers, TPTB or both must have real disdain for the viewers and think we have the memory of a ladybug or something.