Friday, May 15, 2009

Bradford quotes on Emmy nomination

Here's two quotes from BA on his Emmy nod.

"[My character, Spinelli,] was supposed to die in a car bomb, I think," says Anderson. "So getting to stay beyond that was wonderful, and have this, I feel very fortunate and lucky to have a job." --ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

"I feel lucky to just have a job... Beyond that, the fact that we get recognized and rewarded for doing what we love is pretty neat," said first-time nominee Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli, GH). "There are much tougher jobs out there that don't hand out trophies or praise, so I feel incredibly fortunate today for sure." --SOAP CENTRAL

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Congrats also to Kirsten Storms, Julie Berman and Tony Geary.

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Gary said...

Somebody should side by side the 2 pictures you put up of Bradford and Kirsten from the makeout/stakeout. Then make a wallpaper out of them. I know someone has the talant to do that. Just not this guy.