Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bradford's Emmy Nominated Episode

this is the episode that Bradford submitted and got the nomination for. They only sent in one episode this year.



blackkat said...

of all the amazing things he's done this year, the moose one?! what about when he was drunk on the pier, or his fight with maxie, or...*watching scenes* hehehe. we'll, its not horrible, its just not my top three... fingers crossed for bradford!!

Penny said...

not to speak for Bradford but ..

Its my understanding since he could only pick ONE episode he wanted one that showed his greatest range and had good scenes with both Steve and Kirsten. Its a good 'sample' episode. Shows a lot. I imagine it was hard to pick.

Gary said...

Well it was a good choice since it got Bradford the nomination. Glad Kirsten and Julie also got nominated.

spikey said...

I like the choice and it worked for him. It plays like a sitcom and very judge friendly. Also, BA, Steve and Kirsten are hilarious in it. There's also a little bit of drama.