Saturday, August 29, 2009


YES I told Rene' to post her feelings. I consider everyone feelings valid. Always have or I would not have so many contributors. Did I make an error in telling Rene' to post? Do her's and other fan's options not matter? I don't think so at all. I was reading the messages over at the spinelli live journal and i am sorry so many are upset over what she said.

I have not watched GH in two weeks. I don't even have a reason for not doing this. Spinelli is just going to be saying the same thing over and over again so I am sure i didn't miss anything. I have not seen the episode that has people so upset. I been very busy being a wife and mother (my baby is in kindergarten and we went to the beach before school started) I question that part of me is like Rene' and doesn't have the heart to see her Spinelli act this way.

Rene' didn't say to start a campaign to hate on Spinelli. She said that right now she doesn't have the the heart the watch a character she loves act this way. It brings me back to May of 2007. The crazy baby stalking Spinelli. When he becomes nothing more then a story prop. I don't agree with her words of "Spinelli Boycott" but those are are her feelings. I know not everyone is happy about the current storyline. I asked the question about dumbing down Spinelli in that recent interview because i knew it was a fan concern.

I am very much a positive person. I want Spinelli and Maxie to get married. I want Maxie knocked up. Give me butterflies and roses darn it. LOL I know nether of these are some fan favorites for directions but we are all different.

Then again I am not watching the past two weeks am I? Whats that say? People are down about the current storyline. What is it about that? Perhaps it seems in a few weeks Spinelli has been stripped of a lot of his growth the past two weeks. I would like to think he has grown. So expect the real Spinelli will be back soon. His storyline has kinda gone in circles the past few months and Maxie was a complete skank whore in the limo so hey all characters do hair brained things that not even their fans can understand.


spikey said...

Yeah, Boycott means that you are purposefully not watching. I don't agree with that.

I did think that my problems with story were because I'm suffering a major illness, and I just don't have patience/time to sit through the same thing over and over again, but there are many long time fans not enjoying this, so I see it's not just me.

I would like to end on positive note, though. I've noticed Michele Val Jean writes Spin wonderfully and sees him the way I do. (Can we just have HER as his daily writer?)

Spin's Vixenella said...

A strong, healthy fanbase or community of any kind never fears dissent or disagreement. I disagree strongly with boycotting Spinelli at this point, but I respect & defend Rene's right to share her feelings & opinion. In fact, for me personally, Rene's blog forced me to take a hard look at my own feelings about the character of Spinelli and what I want to see for him now and in the future, and I'm always grateful when I am forced to think things through for myself.

As Spinelli fans, we are already a different breed from the typical fanbase. What we love about Spinelli is not outwardly obvious to many GH fans. We cannot explain our love for this character to people who say they fast-forward all his scenes. You have to watch Spinelli, REALLY WATCH him, to love him. Like Spinelli, his fans are also
profoundly misunderstood & at times even ridiculed. But even that has made us stronger as a fan community.

I haven't been watching GH as much lately because frankly there hasn't been enough Spinelli to keep me tuning in unless I know he is going to be on. My honest opinion is that Spinelli is no different than any other GH character, but somehow the standard for measuring & critiqueing Spinelli is different. All but the very newest characters have times of being poorly written, behaving completely out of character, or at times being used for ridiculous plot-points...every single one. Can any of us really think of a character that has always been consistently characterized? I can't. I've literally seen characters switch personalities & motivations almost in the middle of a scene, but they are somehow completely excused by their fans. I just don't
understand why Spinelli is held to such a higher standard
than other GH characters.

I understand Rene's frustration, & I sincerely respect her for sharing her thoughts. I agree with much of what she wrote. I am also glad BAFB knows Spinelli fans are plenty strong enough to embrace different opinions and
viewpoints. Talking or writing through our fears and concerns & sharing those fears & concerns with each other makes us stronger, never weaker. So, again THANK YOU ALL for sharing your thoughts and concerns here & on SpinLJ, & thanks for being the kind of fanbase with the courage & commitment to do so. :)

Rene' said...

Well guys, I knew what I was in for when I wrote that blog. I just felt like I had to say it because I was SO FRUSTRATED at the way they have dumbed down this character, and even more furious for poor BA for having to endure it. I know HE knows that he's capable of more. Perhaps boycott was a strong word - I just don't want to watch this kind of blather anymore.

I so appreciate those who at least respect my right to say how I feel as I was sure that's what this blog was about. I also appreciate those who love the character no matter what he does. I just want MORE, damnit!! I haven't been over to the other blogs to see what names I've been called. I don't want to know, and I don't have that kind of time anyway. Trying to find time to watch GH is all I've got, and when they disappoint me the way they have lately, well....

Thanks, ladies, for your support. You're the best!!