Friday, August 28, 2009

Spinelli Boycott

Well, I debated on whether or not to post this blog. I sent a private message to Penny, expressing my thoughts, and in true Penny fashion, she said if I felt strongly, I should post. As she pointed out, I should be prepared for backlash, though she thought I wasn’t the only one upset at recent events. I know not everyone will agree with me, but it's my opinion, so I'm putting it into the universe. So here it goes.

I am boycotting Spinelli. By that, I mean I refuse to watch any scenes with the character of Spinelli until such time as the writers have decided to go back to the essence of what the character was intended to be instead of the mentally challenged buffoon he has become. My fast forward button will be in effect.

I fell in love with the character of Damien Spinelli because the cyberspeak, spastic gyrations and utter geekdom were nothing more than a cover for a MAN (yes MAN!) who was awkward, shy and unsure of his place in the world. Spinelli showed time and time again in his interactions with Lulu, Jason and a host of other Port Chuckles denizens that he was deeper than what appeared on the surface. He made me long to find out more about what lurked under the surface of his multicolored hoody.

Now, however, the writers have completely stripped away the depth of character that was Damien Spinelli and left him with nothing more than a shell of the former “man.” Now he’s not much more than a kindergartener, struggling to learn how to tie his shoes. How could someone who confessed such depth and pain to Jason a mere second in time ago now be so immature as to believe he and Maximista would live in the “regrettably pink room,” after their wedding? Of course, Maximista could decorate it to her taste! How could someone who was once more concerned about his friends than himself suddenly decide his worry over his proposal of marriage to Maxie, and an upcoming KARAOKE session?? - were more important than helping his friends find two runaway teenagers who may be in serious danger?

It seems like Maxie’s feelings for Spinelli are more about pity these days than love. I feel repulsed by their interactions rather than the spark of heat they once shared. There’s no other word for it – it’s ridiculous.

Even Spinelli’s proposal of marriage, rooftop supper and request for Maxie’s hand from Mac were more reminiscent of a mentally-challenged man than someone who knew deep down how much in love he was but perhaps was too awkward to carry out the task in the way he wished. Why couldn’t we see Spinelli share his true feelings in a deep and meaningful fashion instead of the way a sixth grader would propose to his playground girlfriend?

In the beginning, TPTB would always allow a glimmer of the intelligent and thoughtful man Spinelli was deep down to show through, even if it was only for a moment. Now, he’s a caricature. The comic relief. Not to be taken seriously.

Bradford Anderson is one of the most extraordinary talents I’ve seen grace the small or big screen. He has a range that exceeds many of today’s A-list celebrities, and yet, GH refuses to allow him to extend himself to the fullness of his capabilities. If I were Bradford, I would be mortified and LIVID at their lack of development for the character of Damian Spinelli.

I will be visiting the set of GH in a few weeks, and I may have the opportunity to see Bradford, having met him a time or two before. I’ve wondered what he may think of my boycott, but, after much thought, I’m wondering if he wouldn’t like to boycott the character himself at this point. Bradford is incredible. The writers of GH and their destruction of one of my favorite characters? Not so much. Let the flames begin.


Gimme said...

I think it is time for BA to go to primetime or movies. His talent is so incredibly wasted on GH & its lame contrived BS.
BA is a big talent... he needs to spread his wings before he gets labled "Soap Star" forever.

Mike4000 said...

I agree with the majority of your comments, the only one I disagree with are Maxie's feelings being out of pity. IMO she loves him deeply, she would have to to put up with the crap TPTB are having him do & say.

I often wonder to myself while watching this crap how any professional writer could think that the lines coming out of Spinelli's mouth are appropriate, funny or charming.

Does the Spixie storyline always have to be about their relationship being justified to other people because Spinelli is seen as odd, a loser & a clown. If all Spinelli is is the court Jester of GH then do the right thing just shoot him & put him out of his misery.

Mike4000 said...


I agree BA & also KS should run as far away from GH as they can.

PrettyKitty said...

I agree too...why do they dumb him down so much? He is so talented and he needs to grow on this show. I wont boycott him but I totally agree with your observation.

Jess said...

No boycott from me. Anything BA does is golden. And with the state of the industry at this time, he's lucky to be employed.

spikey said...

All I can say, (and I hate to say it) I agree with everything you said. This is not the Spinelli I fell in love with, and it makes me sad. :(

Bradford is a wonderful man and actor, and I hate that the character has been regressed to the depth of Gilligan.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Disappointed in that post and I strongly disagree. I don't see anything that Spin is doing that is out of character. They had amazingly funny and adorable scenes on Aug 27th.
We have fought hard for over 1.5 years for Spixie and now people are backing away when we have them in our grasp? That is mind boggling.
To me the whole pink room conversation was the writers propping Jasam....nothing more. It was bad writing.
Ba said he is trying hard to push tptb to keep maturing Spin. He has already come a long way.
I am not walking away but to each their own

Anonymous said...

I am saddened the most by Maxie's actions in this whole thing! She actually thinks that stringing Spinelli along like a puppy is a cute image Like WTF! Spinelli I do agree does seem more focused on the weddding and forever with her than anything else I feel sad for him as a character and the relationship is still going at this point. I will always be a Spinelli fan no matter what but please give him some character depth & maturity!!!! I would like the rumoured pregnancy to Spinelli's & for them to find their way back to being best friends like Jarly.