Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is a fan community?

...A place for fans to go and share their love for a certain something...

Over time, or perhaps even instantaneously, you can form a bond with a stranger all due to your shared interests. It's a strange phenomenon, especially via the internet, where people can hide behind anonymity. We get ourselves a screen name, put up an avatar, and let the fun begin.

Sometimes, though, you get the opportunity to form a stronger bond with a fellow fan. I have been so wonderfully blessed to have Spikey in my life. She's fought tooth and nail for respect for Bradford and Spinelli, worked her ass off collecting information on a daily basis for the greater community, and always been a true fan to her bone. She's not in it for the hot factor, she's not in it for the trend, she's not in it for the clique. Spikey appreciates a good character and a talented actor and has given up a lot of her time so that other fans could join in and share her love.

She and I have fought like cats and dogs a few times...(I think I got the LJ shut down for like...10 minutes a while back...You know I've got that *bitch* streak in me) and we don't always agree on storyline or what's best for GH...but this woman has also defended me against those that harassed me. She's listened to me talk about the troubles in in my life, chatted with me through the two most boring and somewhat lonely years of my college career, even encouraged me in many different directions.

On a bigger scale, what has she NOT done for Spinelli fans? She created the Spinelli LiveJournal. That's pretty much home base for most of us. She has every single article/pic/clip of Bradford Anderson known to man...She's the Vault De Bradford. HOW many times has she wandered into the hell of DD just to find us some spoilers? She's such a badass, even Mr. Anderson himself reveres her (Think Emmys submission advice).

And that's why it simply warms my heart that when *OUR GIRL* needs our support for one of the toughest battles she's ever going to face, you people are THERE. For those of you sporting the Support Spikey ribbon on Twitter, I salute you. Even Bradford is wearing it now. We're over 100 supporters now! THAT is impressive.

SO...What is a fan community?

THIS is a fan community.

..and growing!


mendie22 said...

love your page. i too am a spinelli fan. and a even bigger bradford anderson fan. check him out in veronica mars.

spikey said...

This is just awesome. It moved me to tears. It moved my daughter to tears.

Thank you.