Thursday, June 30, 2011

6/30/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Tracey Thompson

Jackal has his feet up on desk reading the newspaper. He says hey there Morgan whats the word on the street (when Jason comes into office). Jason just wants to know what he is doing. He is looking for cases. Jason went to hospital, they said he checked out. he said he had to get back to the mean streets. Jason is worried about his recovery. He says crime waits for no man. He said he had unfinished buisness that he needed to tend to. Jason said he can let Sam handle it. He said its a job for Jackal PI. He says he is not putting it off just because he got slugged in the chest.

Jason wants to know what the job is. Jason wants to take him back to hospital. He said those baby blues got the best of him. Jason says are you talking about Maxie? He said she is with Dr. Hunter, the guy who saved his life. He said he doesn't have to sit around and watch him hit on his doll. Jason is all that is why you left the hospital because you got jealous? Jackal wants to know how he would feel if some creep was pawing at McCall? Jason reminds him he almost died, he got shot and he should be in the hospital. Jackal says if sugar pants wants to play nurse, all she has to do is find him.

Jason tells him he isn't being fair to Maxie making her worry like this. He says a little worry never hurts and if anything blondie will appreciate him more. Jackal wants to know how many guys he knows who have come that close to meeting their maker and gone back to work...Jason says none. Jackal says thats his point. He says dames cant resist (er ???) Jason says Maxie wont be too impressed if she finds him bleeding on the floor. Jason says catch and throws the Spinelli book at him. Jason says getting shot hurts, he knows. He needs to give himself time to heal. Jackal wants to know why he wants him out of the action. Jason says he is his friend, is he not allowed to be concerned. Jackal says he will walk away for a while. Jason wants to know what he is talking about. Jackal reads something in the paper about about the warehouse fires. Jason wants to see it. Jackal says he walks the line between Light and dark common criminal.

Maxie enters the PI office yelling Spinelli. Jackal says there is no need to shout he is right there. She says she can not believe he scared her like that. She said she would hit him so hard right now, if he didn't already have a hole in his chest. He gets up and says have at it. He says he likes a dame who can duke it out. She wants to know why he left hospital. He says sounds like sugar pants missed him. She doesnt want him calling her that (er can't say I disagree). She tells him her name is Maxie. She says she can not have him dropping dead. She says he has to take better care of himself. He says why don't you take care of me instead *getting closer* She tells him that is the most sane thing that has come out of his mouth. She walks away and says she is taking him back to hospital. He grabs her and pulls her into a dip kiss. She says no no no how dare you. He says whats the matter, you haven't been kissed by a man who meant it before? She says he shouldnt be kissing her like that since they are not nonspouses anymore. He comes closer.

She walks away, he follows. He says something about on his watch...(grr accents) She says no they can't. he says something else. She says he is not well. She says he needs to be at the hospital, or at least home in bed. He says there is plenty of room for two. He gets closer. She backs him off. She tells him to stop hitting on her. He says he is a red blooded man, and she is a red hot woman, why fight it? She says she needs him. He says you see that came across loud and clear. He comes closer, she backs up. She says not like that. She makes up some computer problem. He says Jackal PI is calm in a crisis. He says if she wants soft lips or to slug someone he can do that, but tinkering around on a typewriter is not his thing and it never will be.

Sonny calls Spinelli. He is ordered to get over there. Jackal says its the head honcho himself. He says its not every day he gets invited to a mob bosses mansion. He wants to know what its regarding. Sonny says he doesn't have time for jokes. Jackal says his services don't come cheap, they go by the hour plus travel expenses. Clean cabbage. Sonny says if he has to send someone over there, he will be sorry.

Jackal walks in. He says nice digs (though er um Spinelli has been there before). He says crime obviously pays. Sonny doesn't have time for him joking around. Sonny wants to know where his money is. Jackal takes his drink and sits down. Sonny says Jason may put up with the way he speaks, but its his house, he wants his money. Jackal says they will discuss his money after they discuss his. He says its gonna cost you. Sonny says no my friend, its going to cost you.

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