Friday, July 1, 2011

7/1/11 Spinelli recap


Jason tells Maxie that he hopes this new guy stays away from Sonny.

Cut to Jackal finishing his drinking, saying that hit the spot. He tells Sonny that Jackal PI compliments his taste in hooch. He wants a refill, Sonny knocks it out of his hand. He pulls out a gun and says no one touches the merchandise and tells him to keep his hands where he can see them. No funny business. Sonny wants to know what is wrong with him.

Jackal stands up and tells Sonny to cool his jets and back off. Sonny doesn't have time for this? (Seriously, what does that man have time for besides getting woman pregnant?) He orders Spinelli to get to his computer and find his money. Jackal says Jackal PI gets no kick out of technology. Its lazy. He says crime has to be solved by leg work, get out in the field. Sonny takes the gun out of his hands. Sonny says his tech skills are the only redeeming quality. He is ordering him around. He says he would have killed him by now if he didn't have that. He is telling him he hacks into things, moves money around, surveillance cameras. Jackal says sorry it doesn't compute. Sonny wants his money back. Jackal says the guy he wants doesn't exist anymore. He said when the computer geek took a real bullet he was finally set free, the real Jackal. He says he is at his service, as long as it doesn't involve computers.

(Ok I loved Maxie telling Jason that he really is warm and squishy)

Sonny wants to know what he means about getting shot freed the real Jackal. Jackal says for a big time crime boss, he is a little slow at the up take. Sonny says he is going to go against his nature and really try to understand what it is he is going through. Jackal says nothing is wrong, its finally right. He says he laughs in the face of death and something about day to day about sugar lips and yams? He does the guy thing of hitting Sonny's shoulder (like thata boy). Sonny tells him and wants it to sink in. He says his name is Damian and he works for his organization as a hacker, and this other idiot he is talking about is from a ridiculous book he wrote with Diane. Jackal says it wasn't written, it was lived by him. Sonny says it was was a fantasy. He is living a fantasy and this whole thing is a fantasy. Jackal says he is as real as that schnoz on his face. He says taking the bullet for the beautiful blonde one released him from the shackles and allowed him to take his rightful place on the mean streets. Sonny doesn't care who he is. Sonny says one of them is going to get his money back.

Sonny calls Jason about Spinelli basically said come get him or Max & Milo will make him disappear.

Jackal wants the 411 on the Corinthos/Z thing. Sonny says he is not discussing his business with the Jackal PI. He says if he wants to turn himself back to Spinelli, then maybe they can talk otherwise shut up. Jackal says just to be clear he is not taking sides in this upcoming war. He says he won't be looking the other way if bodies start to fall in his path. Sonny hates Jackal just as much as he hates Sonny. Tells him to shut up again. Jackal says quiet it is. Jason comes in. Sonny explains what happens. Jackal says he wishes he could help. Sonny wants him gone. Jason takes him. He does something that Spinelli would have done. He waved.

FYI Spinelli trended again...World Wide. That makes this what 5 times in what 2 weeks? Who-hoo. And they say no one is at home watching 'soaps' anymore. Whatever.

Maxie goes to Sonny wanting him to promise he won't harm Spinelli.

Jason returns Jackal back to penthouse. Sam comes down the stairs. Sam wants to know why he left hospital. Jason says Jackal PI left. Sam tells him he was shot and should be recovering. He appreciates her concern, but the hospital is no place for a man of action. He had to get back in the game. Jason says he went to see Sonny. Jackal says his charm was lost on the sinister. He made a deadly enemy. He says so be it, it comes with the territory. Jason wants him to stay away from Sonny. Jackal says he wasn't fond of the guy anyways. Jason wants him back on computer, he says sorry but thats a waste of Jackal PI time. He wants his gun back. Jason says no. Jackal says he will catch him on the rebound. Jackal leaves.

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