Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bruins/Fathers Day Challenge

Since Bradford is a Bruins fan, how bout for each period the Bruins are winning...Donate an X amount (you choose, whether it be 25 cents or a $1, etc) to Project Night Night for Operation Cupcake (aka our babyshower)

Father's Day Goal. In November, Bradford will be celebrating his 5 years on GH. So in honor of that, and him becoming a father soon, lets see if we can donate 5 more totes to Project Night Night.

60 seconds with Bradford Anderson (one of the questions is what kind of father he thinks Spinelli would be)

Have you seen the amazingly funny webseries Cupid & Eros? Did you notice that not only Bradford, but Kiera were each featured in it? If you'd like a signed poster for the series *yes both Bradford & Kiera signed them* and want to help Project Night Night then now is your chance to bid &

Information on how to contribute or just for more about the charity please visit

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