Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7/12/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: David Goldschaumd???

Jackal PI comes into the office where Sam is on the phone. He hangs up on whomever she is speaking to. Sam says they need that client (she is calling him Spinelli...Wish friends would actually call him Jackal PI as thats who he seriously thinks he is right now) He says Anthony is a cockroach and Jackal PI is the best approach.

Sam wants him to calm down and wants to know why he suddenly is after Anthony Z. Jackal PI response is because he is after him. She wants to know why. He said he was getting crazy with a dame and who should show up is Crazy Anthony himself. He said he had him by the throat and wants to send a thank you note with a lead chaser? in it. Sam wants to know if he has any idea how dangerous Anthony is. She says he is pyschotic and the head of a crime organization. Jackal PI called him Anthony Z again (really wish he would call him Daddy Z) Sonny was brought up (something about she is sure he made quite an impression with him) Sam reminds him that they have a mutal friend in Jason. She is sure Jason doesn't want him going Anthony either. Jackal PI says he will not be taking sides in this mob war, but he won't be mowed down either. He starts to leave. Sam wants to know where he is going. He is going to get his gun back. Again she calls him Spinelli when he leaves (er one would think his loved ones would have better chance of adapting to who he is now vs. expecting him to adapt back)

Jackal PI goes home. He tells Morgan he has a date with destiny and needs his side arm. He wants him to cough it up. Jason refuses. Jackal PI says he can't hit the mean streets with out it. Jason reminds him of shooting himself in the foot once. He said that Spinelli is a geek with a lead shoe. And a man of action like yours truly...Jason says he needs his help. Jackal PI thinks its a situation. Jason wants to know what he would think about if he & Sam got married.

Jackal PI doesn't understand why he would want to shackle himself to a dame. He says a man of action can't get hitched. It ties him down and takes him out of the game. He calls him a sap. Jackal PI says find another cutie, he needs McCall in the office not at home cooking dinner for him & the kiddies.

Jackal PI has his back to door with feet up on desk toothpick in mouth. Maxie comes barging in saying something to Sam. He says wrong number, dollface. She says oh hi. He says McCall is missing in action but to have herself a cup of jo while she waits. She says no thanks. Standing behind him she asks if that is Anthony Z. He says bingo. Maxie says Jason needs to see him, he has to tell him something. He says he already did. Today is the day Morgan finally cracks. Maxie wants to know what he said. Jackal PI explains. Maxie wants to know if he felt a tingle inside. He says tingle? She says I thought Jason & Sam getting amrried is what you always wanted. He says she thought wrong, kitten. He wants Maxie to make coffee. She wants to know if he is being sexist. He says no soft talk, he doesn't have time. Nature calls. Jackal PI must answer. He kisses her yet again. (Think Spinelli has kissed her more since she started dating Matt then Matt has...just sayin) She waits a second before backing him off and asks what is in his pocket. She says Spinelli, do you have a gun?

Anthony Z is on the phone on the docks when Jackal PI pulls a gun on him. He says they need to have a talk, he talks, he listens.

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