Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7/13/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Nathan Fissell

Anthony wants to know if he has lost his mind. Jackal PI wants him to shut his pie hole. He goes to take his phone, and Anthony grabs his gun away from him. Anthony wants to know if he is suicidal or just plain stupid.

Jackal PI knows they might call him crazy Anthony Z but he knows he isn't stupid. He tries to get the gun back. Anthony laughs. Jackal PI says doesnt take sides. He says he might have the bullets now but will tighten the screws. Anthony thinks he is crazy. Out of touch with reality. Anthony wants him to stay put. He says this is a lot of fun, he doesn't want to shoot him. Jackal PI gives him another chance to give the gun back. He says he will just take it back and they will wheel him out of there like a meat wagon. He starts a countdown.

Jackal PI still at countdown. Anthony wants him to hurry up and get to 1. He says he will gladly shoot him already. He gets to 1. St. Jason aka the hero of everything shows up with a gun. He wants him to let him go. He hands over the gun. Says they need to keep a closer eye on him. Jackal PI says its not over. Anthony doesn't care. Jackal PI wants his gun back. Jason says no. He says he was gonna kill him. Jackal PI says please I had him right where I wanted him. He says if he needs advice about kissing people with his fists he is his man. Jason drags him off docks.

Again why aren't Spinelli's so called friends calling in specialists?

Jason returns Jackal PI to office. He is running his mouth off. Jason tells him to shut up, and Jackal PI tells him to watch himself. Jackal PI is looking for his cigerettes. Jason tells him he doesn't smoke. Jackal PI is not happy about Anthony. He said he had him right where he wanted him. He wanted to give him a lesson in respect. Jason says he has been asking people for the last week not to kill him. Jackal PI thinks he is jealous. He says he doesn't take orders like him. Jason says it must be nice not to take orders from anyone. He says he could use someone like him, he wants to hire him.

Jackal PI goes over his charges. Jackal wants the details. Jason tells him about the bakery that he thinks is a front. He needs him to watch the bakery. Jackal PI thinks its about Anthony Z. Jason says do not make contact with anyone. Jackal PI says not to worry, he has it under control.

Jackal PI on phone with bakery looking for cupcakes. Maxie wants to know why he is trying to push her out. He says he is on a top secret case. Jackal PI spills the case to her.

Jackal PI tells Sam about the new case. He wants to know if she is going to fall for the sap from Jason. She says if he is serious and they wont be marrying anytime soon.

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