Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12/11 Spinelli recap

Maxie (er I mean slightly older version of Maxie)--Kate finds him under her desk laying down. (trying really hard to give new actress a chance but don't get why they couldn't just bring Megan Ward back)

Kate isn't happy to see Lulu. Blah blah blah girls would kill for her job and she quit and now Maxie needs a favor. Luly says she will leave but Kate says Lulu can't go anywhere til she deals with that, and points to her floor and Spinelli (or maybe its Jackal PI) sits up.

Kate is ordering Lulu around. She threatens to fire Maxie if Lulu doesn't take care of this (I'd say screw you Kate, you aren't my boss, but yes I will get Spinelli to do your own work) Spinelli is sitting on the floor, not speaking. In a daze. Lulu kneels down beside him. He speaks Spinelli. He says gracious greetings blonde He says it was a unique experiance. He is still having trouble. He says he knows who he is, was. He says his time as Jackal PI is scattered into pieces. He says it was like he was besides himself watching this whole other persons life play out. Lulu says it was kind of fun at the beginning but then she said she was a little concerend thinking he was going to act like that forever. He remembers being in the sewer with Maximista. They were looking for something. Lulu says a ring. He says yes Fair Samantha's engagement. Lulu wants to know what else he remembers. He remembers dangerous parts with Anthony Zarrarrah. Lulu says that he pulled a gun on him. Spinelli says thats absolutely insane, normally the demented one would send the Jackal into the corner like a coward. He says Jackal PI wasnt afraid. He was stronger, better. Lulu says he isnt better, he is apart of him. He still is.

Lulu wants to know if he is looking for Maxie. He says something about how Maximista said the stars will allign. He thinks the stars might mean something. Lulu is confused. He can't remember. He knows its the key to something. Kate wants to know why she is still there. Kate is impressed that Lulu grew a spine. She said if she wants a job, its waiting for her. She said if she wants Maxie to keep her job, she will get ahold of Fredirico before she goes. Spinelli doesnt wait and goes in the elevator.

Spinelli is in alley, where Elizabeth gagged with handler has her holding her (hiding).

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