Friday, September 16, 2011

9/16/11 Spinelli recap

Spinelli is getting frustrated with his computer. He thinks he is useless. Sam comes into penthouse. They discuss Krissy. Sam wants to know if he is having luck. Spinelli lies. Says he doesn’t need any help. He said Maximista wouldn’t be happy if he interfered with the wedding plans. He doesn’t want her to he runs out of penthouse without his computer—Sam finds it strange.

Lucky wants to know why Spinelli took off. Spinelli says he had to see Stone Cold. Lucky says there are no clues. Spinelli disagrees. Spinelli sees icing on the dumpster. Spinelli isn’t listening to Lucky. He says something about no doorbells again. Spinelli eats the icing, he says it’s a message from Maximista. He says what are you trying to tell me?

Spinelli says fear not Maximista the Jackal is not far behind. He is back in the alleys looking for her.

Spinelli still looking for clues. He finds something and picks it up. He takes it as a sign from the stars.

Spinelli sees Maxie run out the of the warehouse she was in.

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