Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19/11 Spinelli recap

Ok I am TRYING to like the temp Maxie. I am grateful Jen Lilley is there and perhaps in a different role I'd love her. I am grateful she doesnt 100% suck or trying to mimic Kirsten. BUT she lacks the spunk, fire and energy OF the character. I give her props for trying, but she just isn't cutting it as Maxie (and I am sick of hearing about her job). And her voice makes me wish I had ear plugs (may be a little rude, but sorry its true. If thats not the actresses real voice I apologize.) I think its time for GH to do a storyline where Maxie loses her ability to speak...until Kirsten comes back.

Maxie doesn't understand why they stopped. She doesn't understand why he didn't turn the motor on....nor does she understand why no one else is out there. Spinelli barely gets to speak but when he does he says stuff like to enjoy the sky and no one else being there is the the point

Maxie says you wanted us to get stranded. He says he has a confession. He says he lied. Maxie says he has never been a liar. He said his intention was good, he wanted to spend time with her. She makes it all about her, her career & Matt. He wants to row away to a small island and picnic under the stars. She says like a date?

He says he brought all her favorite foods. She wants to know why he is doing this. He says they were together. They were nonspouses. She says they aren't together. Maxie wants to know when he saw Matt with Elizabeth. He says she has said it and he witnessed with his own eyes. Maxie thinks this is payback for Lucky. He says he hears judgemental in her tone. Maxie is VERY rude and demanding to Spinelli to get her to the boat. (he should have just tipped the boat over)

He can't get the engine to start. He says he will row. She wants to review. Same ol boring story of sleeping with Lucky while he was on pills...He wants to focus on postive things. He mentions the wine. She will not let this drop. She realizes they aren't moving. He hit a sandbar at spoon island.

He is trying to get them unstuck. He wants to know if its distasteful to be stuck with him. She says she loves him. He is her Jackal....She fought hard to bring him back but this isnt what she had in mind..She OMG shut up about Kate firing you. Maxie knows he did this on purpose. He says no. He is responsible for this. But now she thinks Elizabeth did this. Omg shut up about Matt & Elizabeth. She nows thinks he will get her drunk and sleep with her. Maxie says if this happens, it will be his fault.

She is going on and on about Matt sleeping with Elizabeth and not having a job and no one hiring her. He mentions food. She is now hungry. He sees the light at the house and says it appears to be someone or something... back to Spinelli's face in awe.

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