Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/21/11 recap

Writer: Nathan Fissel

Blah blah blah Maxie says the same thing over and over again.

Maxie goes on and on about Elizabeth and Matt. Maxie says there is no decision. Matt is hers. She is bashing Elizabeth. Maxie wants to be in the spot light, says she deserves it. She wants off this rock. Spinelli says this place may not be as deserted as it may seem.

Maxie won't shut up she is going on and on about whatever she is saying (sorry its the same ol tune and the voice irks me....guess I can tune her out pretty well) and isn't letting Spinelli speak, as usual. Jackal PI would have kissed her by now to shut her up. Spinelli is talking about the light. Maxie thinks its a distraction as it was his idea to be alone. He says yes, but he doesnt think they are alone.

You know whats more interesting then this story??? The fact Steve has a secret. He doesnt want to talk about Tennessee. Maggie is a doctor from Tennessee and Spinelli live in Tennessee with his Granny. perhaps Maggie & Steven were just starting college, and or Steve doesnt even know, thinks she lost the baby.....And boom granny raises the child so mom could go to school

Spinelli senses there is saddness & whatever there. She says ya think. He wasnt talking about her. Spinelli is freaking her out. She doesnt want ghost stories from his Gradma. She doesnt want to hear about the black and white ball. She wants a phone and she wants help.

Spinelli says sees we arent alone. Spinelli wants to go forward. Maxie thinks this is a fake mystrey so they wont make it to the boat. She says its not the time to make romance. He says is there an opertune time to romance? She says no. She says you are focusing on her, she is happy to help her. She says the romance thing doesnt work out. He says he feels like he has been upgraded to Jackal 2.0. He is different. He doesnt know who he will be or what he can do yet. He isnt sure if he wants the cyber part back. He feels more brave, etc. They hear a noise. He says he wasnt kidding about the noise. thinks its a good time to test out Jackal 2.0 and Maxie gets in front of him and says dont.

Even if this was Kirsten....I do not want to see Spinelli chasing Maxie Yet again. been there done that several times. MOVE ON.

He wants to go exploring, she wants to stop a drunk mother of 3 going for number 4. Maxie says they need to focus. She orders him around. To go get gas for the boat.

Ok Ethan is doing a Cassadine story...Whatever happend to the stuff Alexis & Molly talked about months ago???? While Kirsten was getting better, Spinelli could have had a story with Steve *his daddy* and Alexis/Molly/Ethan and drunk Lulu.

Spinelli has the gas can. Not really sure whatelse was said. this show all around is kinda 'hard' to actually watch these several past few days. She thanked him for something, said maybe another time. Wants him to drop her off then leave

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