Monday, October 31, 2011


Spinelli goes to Crimson with the basketball. Maxie says something about how she will use a real one for the campaign, basically he can have it. Something about hoping to have an invite from her man friend. He says he just wanted to stop by to wish her a happy birthday.

He says something about a proper invitation that maybe he forgot. Spinelli is saying maybe he isnt interested. Spinelli is spinning around the basketball. Maxie is clueless, not paying any attention to him. Maxie says you can't take no for an answer. Spinelli says no I guess you can't.

He said well if the plans change, she said they won't. He said she deserves something spectacular....He starts to leave. He is spinning the bball when he says greetings paternal one to Mac on his way out. Mac isnt rude to him. He says hi to you to. Spinelli gets on elevator and Mac asks Maxie if he has always been able to do that. Maxie thinks its something you wake up from a coma and you can like magically do.

Maxie is waiting outside for a romantic dinner...

A clown is sitting on the steps at the hospital & sees Steve. (Hi Spinelli's mommy & daddy)

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