Sunday, October 23, 2011

Congratulations!!!! ITS A BOY?

(This isn't a spoiler or anything like that, just going by the very small information we have heard from legit sources (such as the soap magazines and what has been said by certain characters on canvas already)

Congratulations Steve & Maggie...

ITS A BOY!!!!!

Proud Mama--Maggie

Proud Papa--Steve Webber.
Grandparents: Jeff Webber/Heather Grant. Great-Grandparents: Audrey (step) & Steve Hardy & Jonas & Alice Grant. Aunts: Sarah & Elizabeth. Cousins: Cameron, Jake, Aiden.

The only thing I enjoyed about General Hospital this week (yes its sad) is that the more I hear...the more I am truly thinking Steven Webber & Maggie (who is a pediatrician)

If I am suppose to believe Dante is younger then Olivia (yes I know Dom is younger then Lisa, but I think he looks at least 10 years older then her) then yes Steve easily can be Spinelli's father.

Why did Spinelli live with his Granny in TENNESSEE? Why won't Steve speak about TENNESSEE? What happend with this Maggie chick in TENNESSEE? Could they have just been starting out med school? Perhaps even before that? Seems like soaps always throw in that random time (even years later...think Olivia (really Sonny though), Alexis, etc) of when a character who has been on canvas for years got pregnant in high school. Easily possible. It would build a core family on the show that I have been missing. It would build history. They wouldnt have to re-write Steve or even Spinelli's history as we like know squat.

Spinelli loves babies. Is it because he is attached to all babies and knows what its like to grow up with out both parents?

Kodi Kitchen reel

According to SID her first air date is November 10.

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