Thursday, October 6, 2011

10/6/11 Spinelli recap

I do appreciate that Jen has taken over the role for Kirsten while she deals with whatever she is dealing with & gets better ASAP. She isn't trying to mimic Kirsten, but she is for sure lacking the spunk and energy Kirsten brings to the role of Maxie.

Mikey has Spinelli come to the warehouse (thinking he can actually help him) as he says Jason told him about all the hidden cameras. Spinelli basically says he can't help. (good i am glad Spinelli physically can't help people right now because they order him around, they take advantage and for sure do not appreciate him)

Spinelli surprises Maxie on the roof of GH with a giant red heart balloon to honor BJ for letting Maximista live.

Maxie thinks Bj would have liked him, and vice versa. He thinks he does know her. He knows her kind and generous heart. Matt interupts. He surprises her with a brick in Bj's honor. She says she has such thoughtful men in her life. She wants to know if Bj knows. Spinelli says some cultures in the world say that the departed know when they are being spoken of. Matt says yeah I think she knows.

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Bradford will be in Orlando in November.
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