Saturday, October 8, 2011

If you haven't already I am really going to suggest you check out this webseries (you may recognize 2 people in it. A certain new mommy in the first few episodes and a certain new daddy in the last few)

Bradford will be in Orlando in November.
Port Chuck will be in New York in October.

‎2 days left to take the CHALLENGE: Since November marks the 5th year Bradford has been on GH... 5 for 5? If you donate $5 in 5 days (today til Oct 10) a generous matcher will match those donations (there is a limit in which the matcher will match though, so don't wait...donate $5 to this amazing cause and its really like you donated $10) Thanks to the matcher & donators. =)

Anyone else think Port Chuck should make a Christmas album? Make it happen Mr. Reeves. Make it happen please.

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