Friday, December 5, 2008

Allow Me to (Re)Introduce Myself

Mic check, one two, one two!

Well hello there. I am Dahlia, the NEWEST contributor of this here blog. But I might be better known as NamiV. I'm a regular over at the Spinelli LJ, as well as one of the administrators of one of Bradford's messageboards, Defy Convention. And now, I am here, infiltrating Penny's blog, bringing my own brand of mayhem, snark, and wackiness!

*plops down and puts feet up on couch*

You see that? My feet up? That's mean I'm getting comfortable!

Still don't know who I am? Hmm. Okay. Well, I'm the one who made this:

I'm also the one responsible for these:

And of course these:


A little more about me...I have watched GH since birth. My granny watched it, as did my mom. Spinelli is a fave of mine because, well, quirky and smart is something I know well. Besides that, hey, I'm a grad student, I'm not THAT exciting!

But I do like long walks on the beach. Reading in front of a roaring fire. Making smores. TPing houses. Burning meals. The standard weekend stuff that everyone does, right? Heh...right? Hmm.

Ok, that's it! I'm glad to be contributing here. So give me a warm welcome because I'm like Diddy. I'm not goin nowhere...I'm not...goin' nowhere... I can't be stopped now...cuz I'm Nami for life! And I'm out! *drops the mic*


Lindsay_007 said...

Dude, we just got served. YAY NAMI!!!!! I'm glad you're here.

Penny said...

OMG what have I done...

Dahlia said...

I don't know Penny, what HAVE you done? *evil laughter*

spikey said...

YAY!!! NAMI is here!