Thursday, December 4, 2008

What's your Spinelli backstory?

We sit here two years and a month since Spinelli first graced our screens. The new characters since Spinelli all have more of a backstory then he has. (Dante who has never been on screen has more of a backstory)We still get nothing. All we know was he was raised by Gram, he has some parent abandonment issues, he likes to read and is good with technology. Lastly he was at PCU when he became dragged into the mob world.

The thing is we are getting closer to when Bradford's contract expires. It is my belief that at this point we will have to wait for back story if and when he resigns.

So I thought it may be fun to see what other people have in the back of thier heads for a Spinelli's Story.
Here is my stab..

His Gram is not his gram. She is not even related to him. She him because one or both of his parents wanted to protect him from some force. Maybe he is a Casadine perhaps Alexis's born after Sam. Maybe he is Nik's brother? What ever the news the circumstances of his birth and finding out about them will not bring Spinelli joy.

or on another note.

His gram is his Gram His mother died when he was young and his father was an unrelated to PC deadbeat. He was not the only baby though. He has a twin sister. She was raised by the dead beats family and while he knew about her he didn't' get the chance to really benefit from having her in his life as a child. She is very successful. A prodigy like him but she had all the benefits of a supportive family.

Whats your Spinelli back story?


Jess said...

Okay, I'll take a shot at this...

Damian's mother died in childbirth. His father, who blamed little Damian for the mother's death, raised him but went back and forth between beating him and ignoring him. "Gram" (not related) lived next door and was the only stable force in his life. Eventually, the father disappeared and Gram took over raising the boy. Damian was a genius who had a hard time relating to other children and was often taunted. To escape his sad reality, Damian created a life in the cyber world in which he was respected and revered...poor substitutes for love and family.

Okay, now to connect Spinelli to Port Charles...hhhmmm,which family shall I connect him to...oh the possibilities!

His mother, who died during childbirth, was the younger sister of Maddie Drake, Patrick's mother, making Patrick and Damian first cousins.

Penny, I liked you twin sister idea. I say that Damian had a twin sister who was placed for adoption at birth. The father didn't think he could handle more than 1 baby and had no use for a girl. Hmmm, where could that sister be now????

spikey said...

Spinelli is a mob mole working for the WSB. Anna and Robert know about him but they have to keep quiet. Felicia also knew when she met him. He would be Maxie's version of "Frisco" to her "Felicia". When the truth came out, I'd make him a bit darker and swagger him up a bit, which would take Maxie for a loop. I'd also have him give Jason an out, so he wouldn't get arrested.

HollyG3 said...

I love the idea of Spinelli as a spy! I would just hope that he would still be the same person, rather than adopting a whole new persona. Maybe he's a little more adept at martial arts than he's let on. There is much more to it than attacking someone.

nimbysep said...

no spinelli was rasied by gram, who is not related to him,but a good friend of his father, frisco jones, who had him while undercover on assinment. word has not yet reached frisco that his daughter and spinneli are a couple, whatch what happens when he does. come on the love interest and the way that maxi and spinelli work together with is just family love gone wrong from not knowing why they feel so close. this ties spinneli into port chuck and would make for such a good way to bring frisco back for a guest apperance, with felicia there being pissed he cheated. It could give good story for all