Saturday, December 6, 2008

More on SOD's 2008 Best Hero:

SOD, BEST HERO, Spinelli:

Square jawed, swaggering alpha males are plentiful on daytime. They are quick to come crashing through windows to save a damsel in distress. Heroism comes natural to them, but not so much for lanky, verbose, squeamish tech geek Spinelli, but then, that's what makes him so brave. "Grasshopper" is not a thrill seeker. He'd probably be very happy to sip orange soda and play World of Warcraft, but instead he often places himself in danger out of loyalty to his friends and partner in (sometimes) fighting crime, Maxie. The poor guy lost his Spleen, for goodness sake, when mobsters ran him down but they can't scare off Spinelli, who remains as sweet smart and resolute to protect the folks he cares about. Here's a nickname he needs to try on for size: Lionheart. Picture showed says GH's Spinelli(Bradford Anderson) is soap's most unlikely champion.


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HollyG3 said...

I love that he's being recognized for the hero he is!