Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...When in reality, Superman is actually Daily Planet Reporter, Clark Kent!

According to some scoop from Soaps.Com, Bradford thinks he's Superman.
With just a little flip of the hair he jumps from his Spinelli persona to Mr. Anderson in a jiffy.
Mr. Anderson...hmm...
Sounds like The Matrix...Is he Neo?
That would be really really cool...A Spinelli Matrix fantasy. Let it happen, GH!
He's already a hacker! Put two and two together, folks!
Jason could be Morpheus...Maxie could be Trinity...It could be epic. Sigh, now I'm just rambling. Anyways...

Read the full article about how Bradford gets into character here:http://www.soaps.com/coverage/30/Soap_Cruise__2009_-_A_Little_Trivia__a_Lot_of_Scoo
It's a good read about this weekend's soap cruise.

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