Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All I want from GH...

Celebrating The Possibilities

This Spinelli Fan's Wish List:
1. I would cherish seeing Spinelli finally get the girl he is in love with. All Maxie has to say is that she's attracted to Spinelli in a deeper, more meaningful way, something more intense than Lyke Omg Hawt shallowness.

2. I would like Spinelli to become more fully rounded. Boxing him in as only comic relief when so many fans see him as a deeper character will hinder his character from growing.

3. I want Spinelli treated like a grown man. He calls Jason "master" for god sake.

4. He can be an adult nerd and still function in society. I do it everyday.

5. Even if they never go into his family back story, I'd appreciate knowing something about him beyond the random Granny in Tennessee. A stray mention of his parents at this point would astound me. We never hear anything about them.

6. I'm tired of him being limited. We've seen Bradford Anderson dominate every single piece of script he's ever been given. I can't say I agree with his acting instincts at all times, I'm not that sweepingly accepting...but I do appreciate that he is willing to bend and twist with his character. Give him the material, and let him take the character and the audience anywhere.

7. GH has a huge cast. Let's see him interact with them. Anyone else want to see him with Diane & Patrick more? Love their chemistry.

8. Spinelli's character of TODAY needs to be married to the hippie/punk I remember him being when he first started the show. And yes, that includes smoking weed. Hah. (...I bet Diane smokes...) Let's join the quirky sweet guy with the snarky trouble maker of his initial days. It's great seeing that bitter snarkiness, but it comes out very rarely.

9. Once again, Spinelli is a grown @$$ man. Let's update the wardrobe slightly. I encourage his unique style, but I never want to see him in that superman hoodie ever, ever again.

10. Take advantage of the uniqueness that is Spinelli...He can be comedic and dramatic. He doesn't need to have floods of comedy followed by floods of angst. Balance him with the occasional dramatic monologue juxtaposed with a PI adventure or sexy fantasy and tell me you don't have a next generation Luke Spencer on your hands with all of his versatility.

Ready? Hands in the circle....GO Spinelli on three! 1, 2, 3 BREAK!


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything except point 8 the whole hippy thing would get old fast for me. Besides they would never admit to him smoking pot on a daytime soap.

Lindsay_007 said...

#8 is less about the hippie thing and more about them remembered that he was an entirely different character that a lot of people found snarky and fun when he first came on. and he did smoke weed a lot back then. lol. They reference it on occasion. Patrick said to watch out for anything Spinelli cooks....and then theres always the Yoga Zen stuff. I find those characteristics interesting.

Anonymous said...

Was Spinelli planned as a long term character back then? If he was just supposed to be a temporary character at first and then they decided to keep him on, it would explain why they changed him.

I like the way Spinelli is now I just wish they treated him less like a child and more like a grown man.