Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feeling like a Yo-Yo.

Since the start of the year Spinelli's storyline has been all over the place. Big highs with HUGE lows. I am dizzy.

Lets review for those who have forgotten.

Maxie and Spinelli have sex but get into a major fight after when Spinelli realizes it was over jealously of Winifred. (that was good)

Spinelli gets arrested by the FBI (good)

Kate hires Johnny as Maxie official escort. (lame) Spin and Lulu share their first meaningful scenes in years. (good)

Jason and Spinelli track down toxic balls (weird) while Maxie gets drunk an kisses Johnny (gross) Spinelli gets caught in fire while going through an air duct at the same time Maxie goes into the burning building to get her essential person (riveting) Maxie then needs to be saved by Johnny (stupid) while Maxie see Spinelli leave the burning building they kiss (sweet).

Spinelli goes on the run to protect Jason and says goodbye to Maxie (ahhh) He goes on the run with Winifred (WTF)Spinelli becomes the a hacker slave to an art thief (what?) He is even handcuff to a computer(yeah). Sam and Jason save Spinelli with Maxie help. (good)

Spinelli prepares to go back on the run but Maxie convinces him to come back to Port Charles with her because she needs him (good) and she may hook up with Johnny (wtf).

Maxie makes out with Johnny in the limo after convincing Spinelli to return at his own peril (gross skanky gross gross skanky gross)

Spinelli walks around his pink room in a towel (always good) While Sam and the Jackal take care of the evidence against him (great) with Winnifred (umm ok)

Spam PI is born (genius)

Johnny tries to steal Maxie gum on the dock while the Jackal looks on (gross and heartbreaking)

Spinelli and Maxie have a heated argument (angry Spin always good) Spinelli punches Johnny (YES)

Maxie asks Jason's help to seduce Spinell and she says she is not attracted to Spinelli that way (WHAT!??)

Then we see the spoiler pictures for three weeks from now (confused)

Anyone else have whiplash?


Mikeok4000 said...

Excellent post you've covered everything I too am feeling like a Yo-Yo. I would guess the spoiler pics mean Spixie gets back together judging from the kissing and smiles. I just thought of something it could also be part of a dream sequence, I hope not but with the way things have gone anything is possible. When they do get together it better stick this time. I don't want a repeat of the I love you scene one day and then make out with Johnny the next.

Angela said...

I hope TPTB won't ruin of what became a great storyline without ramming it down our throats like they usually do.

Mikeok4000 said...

Well after the April 29th episode I'm starting not to care and may stop watching. Lulu helping Maxie was totally stupid since the day before she was still angry and waiting for Maxie to move out. On top of that she's been telling Spinelli to stay strong and resist letting Maxie back in his life. IMHO this is to progress Johnny/Maxie forward by having Lulu forgive her. Of course they will just keep the Johnny/Maxie, Spimelli/Maxie and Matt/Maxie stuff going stringing fans of each along, making them think each has a chance to be a couple. After almost a year and a half of this Spixie limbo enough is enough.