Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wordless

Folks, we don't bring over fan fiction here that often, but I just read a truly amazing piece of work that I had to share with you.

NOTE: It is rated for mature audiences for sexuality, so it's not for kiddies.

Anyways, The Wordless is the story General Hospital should be telling with Spixie at the moment. General Hospital, carpe diem! Take this moment and create something that will resonate for generations. I've heard time and time again that happiness just doesn't sell in soaps. I don't know if that's true, but I know what does sell on soaps...ROMANCE. Telling stories about bonds that have meaning about two characters falling in love. If a fan fiction writer can do it and create something so good, GH should be able to do it too.

Here is your map.

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Jess said...

Hi Lindsay, Just wanted you to know...I printed it out and I'm 3/4 finished with reading it. It is fantastic! It's everything I want the Spixie storyline to be...and it's H-O-T!!!!!!!!!! I"ll be finishing the rest tomorrow. thanks for the awesome read.