Monday, August 31, 2009

Bradford and the Emmy's

SAD DAY that Bradford didn't win the Emmy last night. Even with my displeasure with the writing staff at GH and their treatment of the Spinelli character and the Spixie relationship, Bradford SO deserved to win the Emmy. He looked adorable with this cute fiance in the audience, and I loved he, Kirsten and Bindi Irwin's presentation on stage with Bradford carrying out a box for Bindi to stand on. :)

I was also sorry that Kirsten didn't win an Emmy, but I know that she was thrilled for Julie Berman. She looked so shocked!! Maybe the fact that this was the ONLY win for GH last night will give a wake up call to TPTB that some serious house cleaning needs to go on over at GH - and by that, I mean BEHIND the scenes, not continuing to kill off beloved characters!

Becky Herbst and Tyler Christopher looked dashing during the fashion show segment, even if I'm not thrilled about the Niz pairing. They are spectacular to look at, regardless of their character arc!

On a non-Bradford/GH note, I just loved Betty White's speech about The Guiding Light. I love me some Betty White!! She is such a hoot and a half and a real class act.

This was actually a fairly good Emmy presentation, but I admit to fast forwarding through a lot of it thanks to a lack of GH nominations. Let's hope Bradford is given some great material to work with before next years noms!


Jenna said...

I was so excited for Julie. I really thought she deserved to win a few years back, and then of course Kirsten deserved to get nominated last year and win...Both girls had good material for 2008, so it was a win-win for me either way.

Though I may not like Sonny & his relatives 24-7...I was happy to see the writers win last night as well.

Supporting actor is a tough catagory. I haven't watched AMC in a few years, but I know Vincent & Jeff did good work on the show. So Bradford was amongst good company by being in the same catagory as them...Plus there is always next year for Bradford & Kirsten.

Rene' said...

Did GH win for writing??? OMG, I fast forwarded through it, and I thought it was another show. I am NOT happy to see the writer's win!!! They have to stop patting them on the back for this KRAP they put on the screen! ARGH!!! I'm sure there were SOME writers in the group that deserved it, but Bob Guza is NOT one of them.

Penny said...

Yup the writers won. I don't know what the episode they won for. Guza was not there MVJ (my favorite Spinelli/Spixie writer who has written some of the best stuff) wore a smashing pink dress.