Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today I catch up on GH (Live Blogging)

I will be Live blogging (and twittering as I catch up today)

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8:27am. I have no idea where I stopped off Will post when I figure out what air date I am on.

8:33am my DVR says I am on airdate 8-24-09. I think I may have deleted a few episodes before that. So hopefully I am not confused. Jason is all wounded Sam is talking talking to him.

8:36am ok I defindly lost a few episodes. I have no idea what is going on. Sonny is talking to Claudia he started a scolorsh for the the baby they lost. Does he does this for all the women he impregnats and they lose a baby?

8:41am. Morgan says thats random and then it cuts to Nik and Elizabeth kissing in the rain. Gosh I am so lost.. LOL

8:44am ff... ff... ff... wait Jax knows about the Dante?

8:55am Ok that episode is done. Realized when you play music and fast forward GH its like they are dancing. No Spinelli in this episode but adorable Morgan was so adorable. Why is Sam and Jason kissing if Jason was just seriously hurt???

9:01am Airdate 8-25-09 Jason just took Sam's shirt off and when I am fast forwarding Morgan looks like Spinelli. They dress a lot a like. LOL

9:11am Lots of Fast forwarding. No Spinelli yet, Jason and Sam have sex and then his is playing with a gun. That didn't sound right LOL. Saw Kristina and Micheal are still on the beach but she is fawning all over Kiefer. eww Kristina Fast Forwarding.

9:19am Episode 8-25-09 is DONE. ended with Elizabeth taking a bubble bath with candles of course. Candles are important. Where is my Spinelli???

9:23am Starting Episode 8-26-09 I hear Spinelli and get all excited. wait.. no is this THE episode. hits pause...walks over blogs. ok going back.

9:27am Why is Spinelli carrying Maxie into the room and why are they replaying the Jason and Sam scene over ?? LOL

9:33am WTF this episode is one big train wreak. bleahh

9:43am I am so taking one for the team today. If i had any brains I would delete this episode before watching it all. I will watch every Spixie scene. I must...

Why did Nik and Rebecca have sex? thats a strange way to get revenge. That crazy Cassidines

Impressed slimy Ethan told Lulu about the con.

9:55am Ok Episode is over. I am a little sick truth be told. That whole episode sucked. I will decide that those Spixie scenes didn't happen.

9:59am. Airdate 8-27-09. Starts off with a sleeping Spinelli.. NOW there is how you start of an episode. would have been better if he was topless.

10:02am bad wardrobe choice. Bradford looks like a 6 year old LOL. Maxie is running around half naked trying to trick Spinelli to have sex with her.

10:28am Why do they have to make Mac so grumpy??

11:17am Sorry for the Delay had to be a Mommy for an hour. My daughter is safely at her after school program.

11:40am I am so bored with this episode (still on 8-27-08)

11;45am a nice spurt of fast forwarding. wait Max just dropped Diane.. At least he did it on the couch.

11:50am Spinelli is in Jax's office. He did a trace on an email?? I missed that LOL Dante doing more laundry.

11:56am. Spinelli told Jax where the kids are so that mean Jason and Sam will be finding them shortly I assume.. Another episode DONE.

12:03pm Airdate 8-28-09 (my birthday)
Jax tell Carly that he found Micheal just as Jason and Sam swoop in and save the kids from some drunk beach goers. Where did Spinelli go? To buy ivy or something?

12:12pm Jason and Sam getting gitty over who gets deal with the drunk thug threating Micheal. Murder mystery stuff not that its been much of a mystery. Kate sighting.

12:24pm WTF,, Kate was 'undercover' the whole time a whole storyline happended (that would have been interesting) and we missed it? News is also spreading around that the wayward teens have been found.

12:28pm interesting. Jax pays Morgan to eat healthy snacks ot keep Carly's diet healthy.. Would be sweet if it wasn't so creepy.

12:50pm creepy doctor checks out Jason while Micheal runs off to 'work' and Claudia over hears that its Kristina that caused the accident.

1:05pm Airdate 8-31-09 Micheal and Jason comparing brain damage. LOL Both Kristina and Micheal know that Alexis has taken the fall for the accident.

1:15pm Claudia is vowing revenge Again.. LOL Micheal wants to live on the beach forever lol. Like that worked out so great for him LOL

1:24pm drat Jason and Sam are stopped by the kids I hate when that happends LOL
Claudia gets all creepy on Carly and Sonny tries and assigns his son Dante as his son's guard. I like like being your own papa?

1:33pm ahh Micheal is trying to do something nice for his mom ahhh. He asked his sister to keep quiet that the guy who killed is grandfather was involved in their adventure. How sweet.

1:40pm Jason and Sam makes goo goo eyes on each other and the episode ends.

1:47pm Airdate 9-1-09 kids are home and Spinelli is talking to a cut out Jason. LOL.. and the episode has a warm feel like a nice blanket. Michele Val Jean is by far my favorite writer.

Will update more later off to be a mommy a again.

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