Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/16/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Garin Wolf

Jason wants to know if Spinelli has found Anthony's location yet. He says he'll know it. Spinelli gave Krissy & Mikey a autographed copy of his novel for graduation. He wanted to know if they liked it. Jason says he is sure they did. Spinelli wants to discuss the sequel. Jason doesn't want to be in it at all. Sam comes down. She has a stakeout with Spinelli. Jason is worried.

Jason reminds Sam that Dr. Lee (though we never see her anymore) says nothing strenuous for 3 weeks. Sam says she isn't. Spinelli apologizes for his insensitivity and says its far too soon for the mother that would be to engage in this kind of investigation. Sam thinks its sweet. Sam doesnt think there will be danger. Spinelli says she must remain her fittest self so she may be with child. Sam says they dont need to talk about that. Spinelli wants her to rest. Sam says she is doing this. Spinelli wants Jason to go instead. Jason agrees. Both of them are shocked. He says he will if its that important. Spinelli is all excited that they will be working together.

Spinelli is very excited. He brings up Jerry Jax and the hostage crises. Spinelli wants to do more then whats expected of him. She wants them to work together but thinks their reunion should be on something better then this. She says she needs to take pictures in a waiters uniform. It needs to be her. Spinelli agrees. They leave, even though Jason is worried.

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