Friday, June 17, 2011

6/17/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Michele Val Jean (aka one of my fave script writers)

Spinelli brings Sam to the hospital. He wants to call Jason, Sam doesn't want him to. Robin is there...and Patrick brings her a wheelchair.Spinelli thinks she might be pregnant.

Spinelli is pacing back and forth, Maxie sees him when she gets off elevator. She says he looks a little green. She says she isnt sick. She wants to sit and talk. He plops right down on the ground (at nurses station). She joins him. He says he has been a bad friend, Maxie doesnt believe him. He says he didnt have his partners back. He should have taken better care of her. Maxie wants him to go back. Spinelli talks about the surgery. Maxie says stakeouts can be kind of boring. Spinelli says Sam had some cramping due to his bad hiding spot. Maxie says maybe she just hasnt healed yet.

Spinelli knocks on Sam's door and he and Maxie walk in. Spinelli starts to fluff her pillows to make her comfortable. Maxie doesnt want him to hover. Sam says they are running a lot of tests. Spinelli says including the pregnant one? Maxie says Spinelli over involved, she explains that SPinelli thinks he might have had something to do hurting her unborn child?? Sam says come on, she is sure she is not pregnant. He says timing will tell. Spinelli is getting excited about the possiblity. Maxie says its fine to hope they have a child one day. Maxie wants to wait til results come. Spinelli wants to give him something her heart desires. She wants a mango smoothie.

Maxie tells Robin to tell Matt that she is making a smoothie run with Spinelli. (I like how they pretty much have Robin back to pro-Spixie again)

Robin tells Matt that Maxie left with another man.

Maxie wants to know how mango take taste so yummy in a smoothie and so bad by itself. Spinelli says really you think mango is gross? Maxie says its mushy and smells like socks.

Lisa starts hearing all these voices at once...And lets off the gun. She tells Steve, Maxie, Robin and Patrick to get in conference room. She tells Lucky & Spinelli to stay out of it, and get in elevator. She threatened to shoot Maxie in the head. The door is locked behind them.

(I love Brianna and the character of Lisa...This is a LOT of fun to watch. Kudos to Brianna)

Spinelli wants to charge into the conference room. Lucky says no. (At the beginning of episode he was calling her Maxie, and now she is Maximista). Lucky tells him he is the tech guy he wants him to get on his computer and figure out a way around the lock down. Spinelli goes to the nurses station computer and starts to pound. Lucky is on the phone with Mac. Lucky tells him to work on the lock down, not the ventalation system.

Maxie is going off on Lisa (duh of course she would) when Lisa is about to shoot her. Spinelli jumps through the vent, and says cease and exist. Maxie yells Spinelli.

Spinelli gets up and tells Lisa not to threaten Fair Maximista. Lisa tells everyone to sit down. She says you really are a moron arent you? He wants her to put the gun down, and not to make things worse for herself. Spinelli says she is obviously ill. He thinks the authorities would take that into consideration as long as no one gets hurt. Lisa wants to know who will take her pain and humiliation into consideration? Spinelli says he understands romantic disappointment. He says he knows what it means to invest your entire soul and being into a romantic relationship that doesnt work out. He says the pain is (word I dont know how to spell) and sometimes unbearable. He says taking revenge on the object of your affection does not (big word for take away) your pain. Lisa says you really expect me to take love advice from you? She tells him to have a seat and calls him a pathetic loser (oh she called him a nerd earlier)...Maxie says she cant talk to Spinelli like that. Spinelli tries to stop her, but Maxie goes off on Lisa again. Spinelli leaps in front of Maxie, when the bullet goes off and he gets shot. Maxie yells Spinelli.

Spinelli (and Maxie) were both trending topics. Guza getting fired & Garin Wolf getting hired has trended in the past. We have been told in the past (I believe by Frons) that Spinelli would never be a main course, that he was a side dish. Too bad side dishes are the best part of the meal, and once again we proved him wrong. We also proved Oprah wrong who said no one is home during the day watching soaps anymore.

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