Monday, August 1, 2011

8/1/11 Spinelli Recap

Writer: Mary Sue Price

Maxie is sleeping on Jackal PI shoulder. She wants to know where they are. He does his Jackal PI speak, she corrects him and says its a storm drain. (She is up now). He wants her to stretch before she uses her legs because she kept trying to tangle them up with his the night before. SHe says the last time she woke up down there, she was with Spinelli. She says it was so sweet, and wonderful. She said except for when she got hit with hypothermia. He gets up and assures her that isnt going to happen this time. Something about being hot, and just then way he likes it and then but Maxie did scream for help, she wanted all 3 of them out of there.

And I enjoy Matt when he is not anywhere near Maxie (and not because of the whole Spinelli thing...I just don't see anything clicky or amazing between the two characters at all)

Say hello to yet another Emmy Jonathan Jackson. You and Chad Duell can celebrate and bring home the trophies together next year.

I hate these Chew commericals as much as I hated the buy Spinelli book ads. No one who actually watches daytime right now is going to watch the Chew (just as it made no sense to pimp a book for a character who lacked a storyline). Whatever!

Maxie is still screaming. He says looks like she painted herself into a corner. He says he can join her. She says no funny business. He says it was just a suggestion, her suggestion. She tells him the only reason she asked him to come down there with her is because she dropped Sam's engagement off Jason's balcony. And everything flushes down there eventually. He thinks thats a lot of thinking for her, and she should sit down and rest. Maxie wants to know why she can't help him remember anything. She brings up Georgie's killer. She says she can't believe Matt hasn't sent the entire police department out lookinf for het yet. Jackal PI says Matt isn't that in to her. That he is not that into her. He wants to know if she sees a pattern. She says yes meanness. He says truth. He says he wouldn't kick her out of bed though. She says that he loved her. That he worshipped her, he adored her. He doesn't see it. She says fine, she will just have to find another way to show him when they get out of there. He says it will be a week. She wants to know how he knows that. He says he read it in a journal that they only do one sweep a week. She hands him back the laptop and says if he can pull that useless information out of nowhere, he can remember how to use that...and before the battery dies. He says sure, as soon as she admits she wants him.

Maxie picks up the laptop. She wants to send out an emergancy sewer sos. Battery dies. She says she can't find her friend. She can't find Sam's ring, she is stuck in a sewer. He comes up behind her and says storm drain. She says no a sewer. It looks like a sewer, smells like a sewer and she is stuck down there with someone who thinks she is a blonde bimbo. He says something about her not stopping the ball rolling. She wants to know why he cares. Just as the bar gets lifted. Jackal PI says he doesn't care. He then says its just not right with her being like this. His hand goes palm out towards head. Thats a Spinelli movement. Not only is it in the voice, the hand movement but the eyes.

Maxie says the first thing she plans on doing when she gets out of there is taking a shower, maybe two showers. Maxie thinks he is in a rush to get them out of there now that she got them untrapped. He wants to know if she hears the noise. She does. She thinks she sees the ring. He says they have 30 seconds before the flush. She says it looks dirty and disgusting. He tells her to go then. He isn't one to leave a damsel in distress but he doesnt want to get waste if she knows what he means. He tells her to just grab it. She does. Then they rush off.

Maxie brings Jackal PI to the restraunt. He grabs a pitcher of water. She tells him to sit, no stand no sit. And to have a more human approach. She gets him a glass. SHe tells him to wait. He wants to know for what. She says her. He says he has to go see Morgan regarding the cupcakes. She says she is just going to tell Jason/Sam they found the ring. He doesn't see the big deal. She says thats the problem, he doesn't understand romatantic, respect, etc and its something Jackal PI knows nothing about. She tells him to sip his water and speak to no one. Jackal PI is playing with the sugar. Maxie goes into the office.

When Maxie goes back out into the restraunt, Jackal PI is gone. Maxie goes running out the door.

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