Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where are Spinelli's "so called" friends?

Seriously where are Spinelli's "so called" friends?

Sure Jason made up a fake cupcake drug scheme to keep Jackal PI busy (that may eventually get him hurt or possibly even killed if Daddy Z's new plan goes right)...but what is Jason really doing to help Spinelli? Has he called his Granny? Has he called specialists? Has he dragged him to the hospital for tests? No, instead he is too busy proposing to Sam and cleaning up Sonny's house (isn't that what Max & Milo get paid to do?)

Sam. What is Sam doing for Spinelli? She has talked to Jason/Maxie about Spinelli and what is going on with him. But why isn't she on this fake turned real cupcake case with him? Spinelli was only at the hospital during the hostage because of her, and yet she isn't trying to get him help.

Maxie. Some would argue with me saying Maxie is helping Spinelli. She is, but she isn't. She keeps calling him Spinelli. At this moment he is not Spinelli. She needs to start calling him Jackal PI. Sure thats easier said then done. At least she finally started talking to him for the most part that he is not Spinelli. Has she called specialists? Has she demanded her committed relationship boyfriend to look at him? Has she asked her cousin Robin who is like the drug miracle worker to try to figure out what to give him? No. Yes, she is making sure he doesn't endanger himself and trying to make sure he doesn't piss off the wrong mob boss in town. And yes today she was trying to get him to go to the hospital. She has tried a few times. She is also going down memory lane to see if that triggers anything. Clearly, none of that is working. Time to move on to plan B.

Diane. Diane came to see him once in the hospital. Where is she now? She is probably too busy trying to steal his cases to write another book again.

Lulu. Lulu has been home from searching for Luke for a few days now. She has been out of the whore house even longer. She has yet to visit her friend who was shot and almost died for Maxie. Lulu is not a good friend. She is only there for Spinelli when it is convient for her, or well at least for the past few years at least.

Robin/Patrick. Robin and Patrick are his friends and yet they are too busy with their own relationship and her being chief of staff...But could they easily take 2 minutes out of their schedule to check on a man who took a bullet for Robin's cousin? Of course they could.

Other people in town who it would be nice if they showed some concern:

Carly. Carly was there when it suited her when Jason was in prison and they decided to bring down Dante. Then Spinelli lost a marble and decided to be nice to the guy. Carly wasn't done trying to get back at I am guessing this story was dropped as Carly then had to concentrate on this divorce and custody battle with Jax. But seriously she doesn't have two minutes? Who am I kidding, its Carly she only thinks about herself, then Jason...then her kids.

Alexis. They aren't exactly friends but Spinelli was there for Alexis in her time of need but where is she during his?

Molly. Why hasn't Molly tried to visit the boy she has a crush on?

Sonny. If Sonny was so concerned about his money he could be demanding Jason to find someoe to 'fix' Spinelli.

Brenda. Sure she left town, but seriously she has to have heard what happened to Spinelli. She could have at least called or wrote a note or something.

Uncle Mac. Yes he doesn't like him. But he did take a bullet for his 'daughter' and has he bothered to even thank him? No.

Steven. Sure they aren't friends but he was one of the ones in the room when he got shot. Has he checked on him? Nope.

Matt. Sure Matt has talked to Maxie, Patrick & Elizabeth about Spinelli but has he done research? Has he called specialists? He is the one who allowed Spinelli to check himself out of the hospital.

Coleman. Coleman has always been so supportive of Spinelli and yet where was he to check on him in the hospital?

So when this is all over, I can not have Spinelli going back and always being there for everyone in town. Why should he always be there for others when they aren't there for him? I am looking forward to seeing what dark twists this story may take. I am looking forward to seeing which friends step up, and which ones don't. I am also looking forward to finding out more about Spinelli. Will we finally learn more about his childhood? Why he is the way he is? Will they give him a disease? A disorder? Are they going to actually put a 'label' on Spinelli? What relationships will be stronger if/when Spinelli returns? What relationships will be destroyed? How will Spinelli be different? How will he be the same? Will he have the confidence Jackal PI does? Will he finally find himself worthy of love? Will he finally realize that he is perfect just the way he is and should never try to be someone he isn't and change? Will he leave the mob? So many questions. I can not wait to see this story unfold.

With Garin Wolf in control I know that the story will be written well, because we all know that no matter what the story would be acted out well.


Anna said...

I'm wondering the same thing. I so thought Jackal PI and Maxie were going to be on today. What the heck happened? I was not happy today. I thought we were going to get some continuation of what happened. Any thoughts on where Maxie is going to take the Jackal.

Jenna said...

SOW just released they go to Georgie's grave (which I knew that would for sure be a stop)....I would think Jakes, and where they had their non-wedding would also be a stop too...As the storm drain was.

I would take him to Nashville to see Granny.

But thats just me guessing. =)