Thursday, August 4, 2011

8/4/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Nathan Fissel

Jackal PI walks into the Metro Court restraunt. Matt tells Maxie that her friend may need some looking after right now.

Jackal PI is very obviously staking out the restraunt at the Metro Court. Maxie is there with her boyfriend whom she is in a very very committed relationship with but is not paying attention to him or listening to a word he is saying. She can not take her eyes off of Jackal PI.

She goes over to him. He is interupting another couple having lunch. Maxie tries to explain her friend is on medication. She tells Olivia to charge their meal to the Crimson account. She wants to know how much more she is planning on charging to the account, because there is only so much more before calling security.

Maxie is very distracted on her date. All she talks about is Spinelli...Hasn't she been doing that their entire relationship? Matt tells Maxie if she gets Jackal PI to General Hospital, he will make sure he gets seen by a doctor and gets proper diagnoises. She sees him take something off someones table and goes running. She chases after him.

Maxie finds Jackal PI in the ally. She calls him Spinelli (wish she would just call him Jackal PI already). She wants to know what he is doing. He says what he always does. He is playing the puzzle, making it through the maze. He found a wrapper with cheesecake on it. Its a cupcake. Maxie says he isn't making any sense. She says less sense then he usually does. He wants to compare this place ??? and it could be the break he needs. Maxie says its just a creampuff. He says it never is. Maxie says its just a creampuff. He smooshes it. She says it was a creampuff. He was gonna ring the doorbell, but then realized there wasn't one. He started thinking that there are no doorbells in the town (everyone knocks).... Jackal PI is laughing. He says there is something is very wrong. She says something is wrong. He says so you have noticed. She says she has noticed but its not in the same way he does. She is wiping the creampuff off his hand. She tells him he sees everything different, even her. She wishes she could see her the way he sees her. Or the way he used to. He says he sees her. She says sees him. She says but she also sees something else. She says its something she and he need to be honest about. He says what? She says they can't do things this way anymore. He says do what? She says she needs to take him somewhere, to take him to see something only he can see even if it hurts a little. She takes him and leads him away.

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