Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Susan Wald

Maxie brings Jackal PI to Crimson office. She wants him to sit and not touch anything. She calls him Spinelli (grr that annoys me) He picks up a file marked confidential. He wants to know whats going on around there (calls her dollface yet again) and thinks right away its a case. Maxie doesn't want him touching it. He thinks its illegal activity. She says its just buisness Spinelli (again he isn't Spinelli) He sees more pictures and says dames in wedding dresses in wedding cakes. He wants to know if its (whatever bakery he said)? She wants him to stop and not to touch anything. She says as soon as she is done there they are going to go someplace. He says she keeps saying that like its going to mean something. She mutters it is going to mean something because she has no idea what else to do with you. Enter Lulu. Lulu is happy that she is there. Maxie says she doesn't have time because she has to do something for Kate and still take care of Spinelli. Lulu looks at Jackal PI, says hi. Jackal PI checks her out and says "the pleasures all mine" Lulu is confused (of course you are confused you are a horrible rotten friend who went and worked at a whore house to track down your father vs. visiting your so called bestfriend in the hospital after he was shot saving your other bestfriends life). Lulu wants to know if she has seen Lucky. Maxie says no. Lulu thinks he might have slipped. Jackal PI is still checking her out. Maxie hopes she isn't suggesting that she would be his supplier (er um honey you exchanged drugs for sex before) Lulu just says that if he is back to his old habits. It would include her.

Steve & Patrick tell Matt he lost out to Spinelli. He is tells the guys that he told Maxie to bring him. Matt is reminded of their history together.

Maxie says he has not contacted her for anything. She says that he has an better opinion of her then she does. Maxie wants to know how long he has been missing. Only since the morning. Maxie says thats not that long. Jackal PI steps in asking if she is dealing now or if she has been all along. He wants to know if she has been pulling a double cross on him. He calls her sugar pants (but you know his BFF Lulu is confused by this term) He thinks the sewer and engagement ring story was a front. She says she was looking for an engagement ring and luckily for Sam & Jason she found it. She calls him Spinelli again, says he even saw it. Lulu is still confused by the sugar pants comment. He thinks she lured him off the trail and away from the bakery. She says he is being ridiciolous even for him, how can he be suspcious of her. He says he was getting too close to breaking a case wide open. Lulu wants to know what case. Maxie says there is no case. Jackal PI tells Lulu the drug ring. Smuggling stuff in cupcakes. Lulu laughs. He says the laugh will be on her brother if he bites into one, if he hasn't already. She says that isn't funny. Maxie says none of this is funny. He says correctomondo, they are getting clever. They are moving the product through the Metro Court. Lulu wants to know why he is talking like this. The lights flicker and Maxie wants to know what is going to happen now. Lulu thinks its like the old black and white movies. Maxie says a lot happened while she was gone (thank you Maxie for pointing that out). He says its not black and white anymore, its all grey. Maxie says after Spinelli was he had this operation. Lulu is laughing. She says say this is real. Jackal PI says all real, all man. He says Jackal PI at your service. He says like old times. Maxie laughs and says she doesn't need his service. Then says what old times? (duh Maxie knew Spinelli was friends with Lulu way before she ever was friends with either of them). Jackal PI getting closer to Lulu says its been way too long. Maxie and Lulu both look confused.

Jackal PI tells her they have catching up to do. He calls her Moonlight. Maxie says she gets sugarpants and she gets moonlight? Jackal PI says she has a light in her and all around her. Lulu is just smiling (still confused). Maxie (getting annoyed) says she is making her sound like a lightbulb. Jackal PI says no, its softer. He compares her to fireflies? on a sweet summer light. Lulu says this is poetic. She likes it way better then the blonde one. Maxie says there Spinelli, the blonde one. She wants to know if he remembers that is what he used to call her. He says no its not ringing a bell. Maxie wants to know if she sees the problem. Lulu says not totally. She has not taken her eyes off Jackal PI. He wants to take her on the town some night. Catch a cocktail, (then whatever else he said). Maxie says excuse me, are you asking her out? Jackal PI tells her that she has been telling him to be more respectable to dames. She says she meant her because he called her a dime a dozen blonde. Lulu says ouch. Maxie wants to know why he isn't calling her stuff like that? Jackal PI responds no can do. He says is is looking at a class case full of glass. Maxie says you see what he has become? Lulu says observant (um Spinelli is observant too) Maxie ushes Lulu into Kate's office.

Maxie quickly catches Lulu up. Lulu thinks its cute because he had a crush on her before they were ever involved. Maxie wants to know why she is making it all about her. Lulu says pot calling kettle much. Jackal PI barges in with a new outfit. He asks if they like it. He thinks if the cops are on to him, he should change it up a bit. Maxie told him not to touch anything. She tells him they are samples from Frederico's line. He says there you go again still squakin but still stalkin me. She says she isn't and she has a boyfriend and she already told him that. He wants to know why she spends all her time hanging around him. Lulu says that color would look good on Spinelli (oh sweetie I was hoping you'd call him Jackal PI). Maxie tells her to stop encouraging him. She wants to change his clothes. Maxie says no. Maxie says this is fantasy life. She tells Lulu that he thinks he is a tough nut. He pushes people who don't want to be pushed. Lulu says like Sonny? Maxie says Anthony Z. She says its a miracle he isn't at the bottom of a river. He wants to know what gives. He wants to know where the flowers and balloons are and the cake. Maxie is puzzled. He wants to know where the cake is coming from. Maxie says what cake. He says the cake. He says they can't have a celebration with out one. She says what celebration Spinelli. She says there is no celebration. He says well there better be, its Moonlights birthday. Lulu smiles and is happy he remembered as he was the only one. (so Jackal PI yet again has some of Spinelli's memories)

Jackal PI says he is coming up empty on balloons and flowers but he has the cake covered. He pulls something out of pocket. Maxie says covered with what? Lulu thinks its sweet. Maxie says sweet but how did he remember? He says you are suppose to remember things like that. Important things. Maxie says so now she is important? He says she is Moonlight, they go way back. He says you never forget the glow of moonlight. Lulu is like speachless. She is touched. She says its been a terrible summer and something like this can make a difference. Make up a whole day, a whole birthday. She is at a loss on how to thank him. He says a smile from her is thanks enough. Maxie clearly annoyed gets up and says happy birthday to Lulu and Maxie is glad he is remembering the important things. She says because thats where they are going, to see someone important. She whisks him away. He wants to know what the rush is. She says you are, I mean Spinelli is. Lulu wants to know where they are going. Maxie says its privilaged information. Lulu wants to know why? Jackal PI says its her MO, she knows he is a man of mystrey and likes the puzzle. He says she knows she has to have surprises so he will tag along and play the game (oooh key words perhaps?) Maxie says its not a game. Lulu says are you sure its not a game to him? She says she is sure its not a game to him. She says its not cute. She says its Spinelli's life. He has a life. And a job and people who depend on him. Says he needs to remember those people before they are all gone. Lights flicker again.

Maxie is trying to pass off Crimson work on Lulu. Maxie just wants some help as she is trying to do a good deed for Spinelli. Maxie thinks Lulu wants Anthony to mess with him. Jackal PI says she has it all wrong. He says he told Old Man Z that if messes with him or his dames then or Morgans. He says he got the message. The lights flicker again. Maxie says see we have to go. Lulu says fine be back quickly. Jackal PI asks her to come. Maxie says no she is busy, really busy. Lulu says yes now she is busy. The lights go out. Lulu says ut oh looks like no one is leaving. He says there are worse places to be in the dark. Maxie pushes his shoulder.

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