Monday, August 8, 2011

Since OLTL stupidily let Trevor St. John go I would LOVE to see him pop over in Port Charles for a while. It doesn't have to be long term or anything but at least a several week arc would be nice. I would LOVE for him to play Spinelli's father. Yes, I know some are thinking Trevor looks too young to play Bradford's father and yes considering he is only 8 years older then Bradford it would be a stretch... (I fully think Lisa LoCicero looks younger then Dom Z though she is 9 years older) So whatever ages in soap world mean squat. As a reminder of how fun Bradford & Trevor were together, here is their What If episode

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Anonymous said...

I think that TSJ and BA were great on that tibit they did together! I also agree it was very stupid of TPTB to let Mr. St. John go from OLTL. They should have kept him as long as they could. And yes, GH could use the talented Mr. St. John--no doubt about it! I could see him with BA again but I'm not sure about playing his father...still it might be interesting!