Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wish Bradford a Happy Birthday...

by donating to charity.

Yes, it does seem like the babyshower just ended, but 6 weeks from today is our guys 31st birthday. Normally in the past we have done donations to Manchester Animal Hospital. This year we are going to keep with the trend of helping Bradford fans. First was donating to Manchester Animal Shelter in honor of Spikey, then it was donating to DEI in honor of Abby (Penny). This years charity? Lupus Foundation in honor of Gwaddy.

"Gwaddy", a very special Bradford Anderson fan has lupus. Over the years she has been generous in supporting the various causes and projects Bradford and his fan base have been involved with. While this may be in honor of his birthday, it is in recognition of her as well.

We’ve chosen Lupus Foundation as Bradford’s birthday project this year because their support, research and education strives to bring a better quality of life to Gwaddy and other Bradford fans who live with this chronic and incurable disease.

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