Friday, August 19, 2011

Can't say I am shocked due to what seems to have been extra pimpage for this tour, especially this stop; but I am sorry for those fans who were planning on attending. I do believe both Point Pleasant, NJ dates are sold out (but it does sound like compared to some of the other venues, its a little smaller) And all other dates, so far no worries. The date that got canceled was the Super Fan event (not an actual concert) Port Chuck will be rocking in your city. =)

If you had/have tickets for this show I am sure 1. you will be contacted or 2. go ahead and contact them now. #516-785-8655

Vie the Port Chuck facebook page!/pages/Port-Chuck/120201277991730

Port Chuck show at The Brokerage in Long Island, NY on Aug 28, has been canceled!

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