Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Make new friends...

But keep the old some are silver and the others are gold...

I do not think I would catagorize any of Spinelli's current friends in the gold or silver catagory. To go along with this entry "Where are Spinelli's 'so called' friends"

Has anyone called Granny? I know we won't see her (missed oppertunity if you ask me) but maybe this has happened in the past? What could have caused this?

Yes, she is busy but is Sam ever going to call 'Jackal PI' and tell him about Jason? Is anyone who currently know going to tell him?

And is Maxie doing more harm then good? She hasn't called a professional. She wants to do it all on her own. Some may think its sweet and romantic and showing that Maxie cares. Yes, one could view it that way...BUT every single day that passes Spinelli slips further away and she doesn't want to get him professional help. While, yes I understand that is part of the story and otherwise it would be over by now (which would that be a bad thing?)

Anyways, it would be nice if someone in Spinelli's life was actually there for him. Someone who actually was trying to get him professional help. Someone who was doing research and trying to call in specialists, get tests taken, etc to get him the help he needs...while Maxie goes her route of trying to get him to remember?

Where is Johnny? Johnny doesn't have much to do right now (sadly) besides his father stuff. Wouldn't it have been fun to see Johnny there for Spinelli? Spinelli may not be a fan of Johnny, but Johnny has always seems to be pro-Spinelli. Why not use it? Why not form an actual friendship between these two? Plus it would mean Bradford & Brandon working together and I am and will always be for that.

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