Monday, August 15, 2011

8/15/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Michele Val Jean

Jackal PI is talking about Lulu’s dress for her birthday. He talks about her legs. He wants her to have a new dress. Lulu thinks he is just playing around. Lulu thought they were over Maxie says in a romantic way yes. Maxie mentions Spinelli’s past crush on Lulu. Jackal PI says its not a crush, he says there is a connection and when two people find something like that, there is no pulling them apart.

Maxie tells him that they do not a cosmic anything. Maxie called her his rest stop to true love…her. He says they have been over this, he just isn’t that into her. She says you are. (get over yourself) You were. Maxie says they had a connection. , they were sole mates, a marriage. Lulu says a non-marriage. Maxie says whatever. Maxie says they had a connection. He says non-connection. Lulu laughs. Maxie doesn’t want her to encourage him. Jackal PI says if a guy is serious about a dame they seal the deal, like Morgan and Sammy. He says whatever they had she was fancy and he passed on her. She says you didn’t pass on me. Lulu says she did pass on you. Jackal PI can’t take his eyes off Lulu. Maxie says she is Maximista, the woman he loved. The woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, not just some woman he wanted to spend an hour with in some skeezy room like he would have had with Lulu. Lulu says excuse me. Maxie says did you not just finish telling me you were working in a whore house? She says as a cocktail waitress to get information. She is starting to be sorry she shared that with her. Jackal PI goes over to Lulu, touches her shoulder and says he says she has nothing to be ashamed of, women have been making a dime of that living since the dawn of time. She says she was not and is not a hooker. He says its honest work, unlike how some people make their living. Maxie says her career is desirable. He says it’s a rag that creates a shallow image and gives dames the complex that with the right clothes they too can be the skinny mini on the cover (so true so true) He says its false advertising at its worse. She says she gives people hope. He says something about dressing it up and painting it on… He says you can’t fake it, its light a light, unconditional, like moonlight.

Maxie wants Lulu to put the dress on. Lulu doesn't like it. They speak of what Maxie has tried (er drop your panties Maxie, maybe that will work). Maxie wants her to help. Lulu thinks it may backfire. She thinks he may fall harder for her. Maxie knows deep down isn't. Maxie says she moved on. She claims she is happy with Matt. Her intentions are pure. He has a life, he deserves to be in it, whether she is or isn't. Lulu goes to change.

Jason asks Max about Spinelli. He says Jackal PI. Max tells him what Jackal PI is currently doing (the bakery).

Jackal PI sees Lulu in the dress. He says magic and motion and then magic and moonlight. She says you like it? He says whats not to like. He says nobody could wear that like her. Maxie says actually she can, and she did. For a party for Crimson in Soho. She says she made the style section in Sundays paper and the clipping should be around there somewhere. He tells her to do that, look through her files and give him some alone time with Moonlight. She tells him he has been very sweet to her tonight, she is flattered that he likes her. One can lead to two and two can lead to three. Lulu says she is involved with someone (eh whatever) she says she is in love with him (puke). Jackal PI says something about Daddy issues and not counting on Falconari and something with him being flat footed. She says he knows where he stays with his father, he will never compromise himself for Sonny ever (er he let him shoot him and get away with no jail time)....again. Jackal says you have to live and learn and live and love and be loved. She tells him her name is Lulu and there was a time long time ago that he thought he loved her, but she couldn't love him back and she still can't. He says he loves a challenge. She wants him to listen to her. She says the person who loved you back then was Georgie (er Georgie had a crush on him, she wasn't in love with him). She says Maxie's sister. Do you remember? He looks puzzled. She says she was in love with you but she didn't get a chance to tell you because she was killed. He walks away and into Kate's office. Lulu wants to know if he is ok. Maxie says does he look ok to you? He just stares out the window. Lulu now gets it. She thinks he is maybe remembering. Maxie says he isn't. Maxie thought it would work, but it isn't (still time to 'drop those panties' for him Maxie). Lulu says he is Spinelli he will pull through this. Maxie says he isn't Spinelli (FINALLY ding ding ding) She says he isn't Jackal PI anymore. She says he is somewhere else now.

Jackal PI is laying on the desk just staring nowhere. Lulu thinks he needs more help, Maxie is worried a shrink can break through Jackal PI but is worried he will be comitted. She wants to find a way to bring him back.

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