Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BA Fan Blog 2008 Awards

Biggest Treat for Fans
Its a TIE
My Funny Valentine track from Love Affair
(my toes are still curled)
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Camera Ready with Bradford Anderson Soapnet Webseries

Best Random Bradford Moment.

Bradford commenting on my shoes at the Boston in the fall.

Oddest Bradford Moment.
That walk on the beach in Camera Ready #9

Sweetest Bradford Moment
Bradford making a little sick girl's day at SSW

Spinelli's Most Surprising Ally

Spinelli Greatest Bully
Two words for you.. Freaky Boy

Biggest Shocker.....
Spinelli and Maxie have sex.
surprised everyone since it was not spoiled at all. We have not forgotten.

Worst Spinelli Story
Spinelli trying to man up and change himself

Best Spinelli Story

Spinelli PI with side kick Maxie Jones

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Lindsay_007 said...

Pretty good list there Penny!