Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best Spinelli Moments 2008 Reader's Choice

I would like to create a list of reader's top 5 moments for Spinelli this year.

Can you respond here with your favorite moment or moments. All moments need to be submitted by December 30th. The top 5 fan favorite moments will be posted on December 31th.a

I will just list the 5 moments that are listed the most. The follow up with a poll to decide on ranking.


HollyG3 said...

There were soooo many wonderful Spinelli moments, but these just came to my mind...

When Spinelli opened up to Maxie about why he never noticed Georgie was in love with him, how he had never been in the position to give himself to someone "heart, body and soul".

When Spinelli asked Diane for advice on women. He told her how at first he loathed Maxie, then grudgingly admired and now... (Diane asked "Wish to deflower?"). And he responded with something about Maxie's petals having long fallen.

When Spinelli took Diane's advice and tried to "harvest the day" with Maxie. He moved in to kiss her and accidentally grabbed her boob! LOL!

When Spinelli told Maxie he would never let anything happen to her and then she kissed him. It was better than their sex scene!

Spinelli quoting Homer's Odyssey to baby Emma.

Lindsay_007 said...

Drunk Spinelli with Claudia. Very deep.

Spixie in the sewer (heart body soul)

Spixie make love

cowboyangel said...

drunk!Spinelli/Damian with Claudia and Jason

Spixie make love and those few moments of bliss Spinelli had before their scene on the bridge.

His talk with Maxie after her testimony. "work of art"

The Scorpio/Drake family scene after Emma was born and he became Uncle Spin!

Jason telling Spin he's a better person than him. (any scene with Jason supporting Spinelli)

Not fun but Bradford did an amazing job with Spin's reaction to finding Maxie and the scenes that followed.