Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JaSpin Disappointment....

I know I haven't blogged here in a thousand years. Life, life and more life seems to be coming at me these days! I still watch GH every night, even though a lot of it has become beyond painful and annoying to stomach.

I did, however, hold on to a smattering of hope that there would be a shining JaSpain moment when Spinelli arrived after Jason's "I-nearly-killed-my-son" moment. I so miss the days of their heartfelt conversations about "Stone Cold's Secret Pain." I know that the writers are capable of allowing Spinelli to have a "real" moment, and he, on more than one occasion, has had insightful, if not comforting, words for Jason. The fact that it was a simply more barked orders from Jason makes Spin seem more like an abused employee then a friend.

Clearly, Jason still cares about him as evidenced by his desire for Spin to move out; however, even that was a pretty short, and lame, exchange compared to the wonderful JaSpin moments we've had in the past.

I hope this Lulu/Maxie/Johnny roommate krapfest doesn't turn out to be another Three Stooges "hardy-har-har" storyline for Spinelli with plenty of supposedly hilarious "awkward moments" and painful shenanigans. It's becoming REALLY OLD. Spin - and Bradford - deserve better, and Lord knows, Bradford can bring it if they let him.

Sorry to sound like such a sourpuss after so long of a hiatus. I just want great things for our Spin!

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Penny said...

You know what They been writing around in circles for everyone on the show so I am not surprised We have not had a any good jaspin scenes in a long time.