Wednesday, March 11, 2009


All right.

I'm just going to say this once and be done with it.

People are sheep. Baaahh.

Penny was telling me that she worries if we don't post in negative threads it looked like we were being picked on and not fighting back. She proposed we actually post in said negative threads.I disagree, because I don't see any point in bumping negative stuff.

But...then I are my positive posts? Seriously, I've seen a lot of people complain about action on the boards and I want to see these same people make some damn threads, you know? It's not cowardly to ignore negative posts, but it is pretty cowardly to say omg all the hate drives me away. It's a message board folks! That's all.

It's just people sitting around a circle yelling at the top of their lungs and trying to be louder than the rest. Everyone thinks they are witty, everyone thinks their opinion matters, and everyone likes to gang up on the dissenter voices because they got sand kicked in their eyes one time in kindergarten and boy is it fun to pick on unique voices. Dude! KICK SOME SAND BACK.

There is no reason you should assume your opinions can sound any lamer or as dumb as those already out there on the internet. In fact, I know a lot of you are actually highly intelligent individuals, you're just QUIET AS HELL! Which is ridiculous...The dumb folks should be able to sit around and hate and the smart folks can't hold a conversation? ...Great model of society! Seriously...Don't act like mice, all meek and mild and afraid to stir stuff up on occasion. Life's too short and the internet is ever changing, get out there! In the real world you don't get the luxury of hiding behind a screen name when voicing your opinion, take advantage!

Bring your threads you make over here! This is not life or death, this is painless. If you completely detach yourself from the whole thing and realize that message boards have no effect over you unless you give it that kind of power, you will realize that it's EASY to go on them. I can sit and read an entire, stupid, unrealistic hate thread about Spinelli and it doesn't bother me on iota. Chant "I disagree" in your head and be done with it. Get to frustrated, make a post of your own and ramble about your feelings until you feel better. It's a game.

Here are some topic ideas. (I am NOT going to go over to SOC and make all these threads on my own as I have done in the past. I want to see some brave snowflakes go and make a friggin post). If you think of something other than these, just post them.

Spinelli: Why does he identify with Rorschach? Conspiracy?
Spinelli and Maxie--who are they kidding, they're a couple.
Sam and Spinelli: Spam tastes so good.
Jason and Spinelli: a true bromance
Spinelli and his clothing-- bringing Sexy Back Indianna Jones style
What did we learn about SPinelli's thought process through his humorous demon/angel dialog?Spinelli's real family--how he became apart of Jason/Sam/Maxie's lives.

And just to make it easier for you, here's two threads. Fashion Family
And if they get deleted...well...who effin cares? Just start something else. I'm just tired of people talking about the subject of "omg hate on boards" and very few people actually doing something about it, leaving it up to other folks to go out on battlegrounds solo (you badasses know who your are). There are a few people who are constantly having to pull all the weight of this fanbase and they shouldn't have to considering how much support is out there for Spinelli. The ratio of Spinelli fans to Spinelli worker bees is sad to see. Help is needed, folks, step up.

Don't forget to post on other boards too...ABC boards, SZ (if you have an account), DD. I really, really don't give a shit if some of these boards are anti-Spinelli or whatever, you have a right to be there just as much as the next person. If you get attacked, make a game out of it and take a shot of whiskey every time someone wishes death on you or says he's fugly. Some things will never change, and you aren't going to change them too radically, but if this is what you think matters be a part of it.

Apathy kills. Peace


Gary said...

Well nobody has started more threads on the ABC board the past couple years then I have about Bradford/Spinelli/Spixie. I've learned to ignore the negative ones. What do I really care what some 15 year old teeny bopper girl thinks anyways? The internet is only 1 outlet and quite frankly the least important to TPTB. Bradford has ROCK STAR NUMBERS with the focus groups. He gets great reviews from those who know what their talking about. Fellow Soap Actors think Spixie is the best. Everything couldn't be going greater for Bradford and his fans. So I refuse to let a few kids bother me on all these boards. Quite frankly my advice is that you find just 1 that you like and stick with it. I also made this group if any of you care to look at it.

Penny said...

Thank you Gary for the enthusiasm , I am pretty sure your the one that posts links to the blog on the abc boards. Thank you.. I think what many people are concerned with is the Lulu effect. People didn't like Lulu and then people didn't like lulu because no one else liked her.

Gary said...

I think what we're seeing now is that JoMax and M&M fans have come to the realization that we win and they lose. So the few that they have can't let it go. Basically their acting childish. Which fits when you think about it(lol)!!

Quite frankly who cares what they think. I'm pretty darn sure that Bradford and Spixie have legions of fans compared to those 2 fan bases. Problem is that they never should have been started to begin with. But that's another story.

BTW why does everybody always blame Guza and Frons for the bad parts of GH. Yet they applaud what Gloria Monty and Wendy Riche did in the past. Those two happened to be the executive producers of the show. Which right now falls in the lap of Jill Farren-Phelps. Personally that's who I would write to with my complaints.

Lindsay_007 said...

Very interesting comments, Gary. Hmm